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Mugabe – deluded as ever – simple gangster always.

September 14, 2009 Leave a comment

The world’s media was treated to a bizarre spectacle last week in the wake of an EU delegation visit to Harare. There before our eyes blabbering anti-European and racist sentiments was the world’s number one cretin Robert Mugabe; self appointed president of a country he has led into total ruin. He lies about the personal sanctions that have been imposed upon him and his fellow zanu pf gangsters. He claims all Zimbabwe’s problems are due to plots outside the country. He ignores the tremendous amount of food aid, educational aid and health aid that has been given by the governments he blames for the economic and social crisis facing Zimbabwe.

There is one man to blame for economic failure in Zimbabwe and that is Robert Mugabe we must also include the gangsters in charge of zanu pf.

Personal targeted sanctions must remain, there has not been sufficient change, Zimbabwe is still an authoritarian state.

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Zimbabwe still deep in crisis.

September 7, 2009 Leave a comment
Map of Zimbabwe showing the location of Harare.
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Whilst the IMF rushes to assist Mugabe with millions of dollars worth of loans; it is very clear that in reality Mugabe and his thugs still continue as if no settlement (the GNU)  had been agreed.  It seems that once again Mugabe’s charm offensive still fools heads of government and overeas agencies.

SOKWANELE: “Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch (ZIG Watch) is tracking articles and reports which provide examples of violations of the agreement between Zanu PF and the two Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Formations signed in Harare on 15 September 2008.

August saw the continuation of the chaos in Zimbabwe, with ever more breaches of the GPA being recorded, the majority of which fell into the following categories:

  • wanton politically motivated violence, or violence driven by politicians or petty officials,
  • harassment, and deprivation of freedom, of individuals through contrived arrests on spurious charges,
  • widespread corruption involving senior public and uniformed figures,
  • the deprivation of the right to Freedom of Expression, and the abu se thereof,
  • violent, unconstitutional, invasions and seizures of property and farms, and
  • deliberate attempts to derail the Constitution-making process.

The month of August has seen a notable increase in breaches in these two areas:

  • open subversion of legal or administrative processes for political benefit, and
  • deliberate non-cooperation with the other parties to the GPA agreement, or the deliberate undermining – or abuse of – other persons or parties for political ends.

Cumulative share of breaches - Issue 8Zanu PF’s favourite political tool – violence – stills plagues Zimbabwe’s populace to the extent that it is almost accepted as a norm by the majority. Our first listed breach in Issue 8 reveals that the government has! turned deaf ears to the warnings by the Kimberly Process that the sales of Zimbabwean diamonds may be suspended internationally after the international body directed that Zimbabwe’s diamond fields should be demilitiarised. The troops are still there, and rights abuses and smuggling continue unabated.

On a more local level, a young man was murdered by seven Zanu PF thugs in Macheke after going to the home of a local Zanu PF chairman to ask for his outstanding wages. He was subjected to a brutal beating and torture before he died, and his body dumped on a road to make it look like an accident. One wonders how an ‘accident’ explains wounds made by redhot iron rods through the stomach. It is alleged that Minister Didymus Mutasa aided the release of the perpetrators, who only received a fine as their punishment…”

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Supreme Leader Mugabe!!!

July 22, 2009 Leave a comment

It now seems that Mugabe the man who appointed himself president of Zimbabwe has now to be known as the Supreme Leader. Thus with the blessing his of his fascist zanu pf party he elevates himself to a new height of lunacy. One might ask this Mugabe what is he supreme leader of – a country that he made a total economic ruin? A country that can only survive with generous handouts from democratic countries!

21 July 2009

Hopes that ageing dictator Robert Mugabe would be retiring soon have been dashed, after his party endorsed the 85 year old as ZANU PF’s ‘Supreme leader’, in a move that a leading political analyst has dismissed as unconstitutional.

The party’s Midlands Province Coordinating Committee made the resolution over the weekend, apparently ending the ZANU PF succession debate that observers have said threatened to divide the party. In May the ZANU PF politburo set up a committee to look into the issue of choosing new leaders for the party, a move that was seen as a sign the party was finally looking for a Mugabe successor. But Emmerson Mnangagwa, ZANU PF Secretary for Legal Affairs, who was also rumoured to be harboring his own presidential hopes, said this weekend the ZANU PF Midlands grouping had agreed they are satisfied and committed to Mugabe’s leadership of the party.

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Zimbabwe PM jeered by UK exiles

June 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was booed and criticized at Southwark Cathedral today. He made an appeal for Zimbabwean exiles to return home. The reality is that little has changed. Mugabe is still president and Zanu PF still rules along with its war vets and militia. Zim exiles and people like us are in touch everyday with family and friends, people still live in fear there so we know he talks rubbish.

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We take Democracy for granted!

June 16, 2009 Leave a comment
TEHRAN, IRAN - JUNE 12:  Former Iranian Prime ...
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There are times when our TV screens show images from Teheran, Iran which leave us amazed. We have seen vast numbers of Iranians protesting at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad‘s brazen seizure of power, we have seen the courage of opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi et al being with the people in challenging the regime. The Theocracy that rules Iran is shaken by the scale of the protests. People come out and protests despite dire warnings from the Theocracy’s police and militia. Innocent people lose their lives. We are reminded of other struggles for democracy and freedom: Zimbabwe, Tibet, China and Burma come to mind countries where people have stood up to be counted and strive for democratic change. We here sulk a lot, we complain a lot and yet given we are a free and democratic society, millions cannot be bothered at election time to walk to their polling station and vote. Our participation is at a low ebb, we fail to value the very nature of our democracy.

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Zimbabwe – Humanitarian Aid: House of Commons 13th May 2009.

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development, Mr. Ivan Lewis, today outline current UK government action in regard to Zimbabwe. The UK recently donated £15 million for the provision of aid to the people of Zimbabwe. Any further aid depends on the progress to reform. The group of Elders has appealed for more aid from donor countries. The UK provision of aid has been directed towards improving water and sanitation infrastructure and the Zimbabwe health service. Money was also provided for 100, 000 orphaned children for schooling.

Mr. Jim McGovern (Dundee, West) (Lab): What his latest assessment is of the humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe; and if he will make a statement. [274660]

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development, Mr. Ivan Lewis: There has been a modest improvement in the humanitarian situation. The cholera epidemic is under control and there are signs of an improved harvest this year. However, basic health and other welfare services have broken down after years of neglect. Consequently, Zimbabwe faces ongoing humanitarian challenges.

Mr. McGovern: I thank the Minister for that answer. Obviously, all Members will be aware of the lack of political and judicial reform in Zimbabwe, but will the Minister confirm that he has received a communication from the Elders, urging the UK to offer Humanitarian Plus funds to Zimbabwe? Humanitarian Plus differs from long-term financial assistance, which will be linked to reform, and would allow immediate rehabilitation of the water and sanitation infrastructure in Zimbabwe.

Mr. Lewis: My hon. Friend is absolutely right to draw attention to the important contribution that the Elders are making to securing progress in Zimbabwe. We recently announced £15 million to strengthen health system support, improve sanitation and further strengthen food security, but we make it very clear that, on the pace of reform, there are certain non-negotiables. We make that clear in our conversations with the new Prime Minister and the Finance Minister, whom my right hon. Friends the International Development Secretary and the Foreign Secretary met recently. The United Kingdom provides humanitarian and Humanitarian Plus support, but we still await further improvement in terms of the necessary reforms.

Sir Nicholas Winterton (Macclesfield) (Con): Unfortunately, Zimbabwe has been put on the back burner again, because other issues are dominating Parliament and international affairs. Does the Minister not agree that one of the most helpful actions that the Government could take would be for the Secretary of State for International Development to visit Zimbabwe and meet the Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, to give that very courageous man the credibility and support that he deserves? He seeks to lead his country out of poverty and deprivation.

Mr. Lewis: Of course, it is not for me to arrange my right hon. Friend’s travel itinerary. However, my serious response is that he recently met the Finance Minister, in whom we have a lot of confidence, and he has also met the Prime Minister in the past. My noble Friend Lord Malloch-Brown, the Minister for Africa, was at the inauguration of the new President of South Africa and recently met Morgan Tsvangirai and the new Foreign Minister of Zimbabwe. There is constant engagement and dialogue with the Government of Zimbabwe. We are clear about the support that we stand ready to provide and we have announced the resources that I mentioned in my earlier response. However, there can be no slacking in the message about the importance of political and economic as well as human rights reform. We remain concerned that, for example, political prisoners have recently been returned to prison. In those circumstances, we need to send strong messages about the pace of reform.

Mr. Andrew Smith (Oxford, East) (Lab): Will my hon. Friend join me in congratulating my constituent, Richard Pantlin, who recently cycled round Zimbabwe, raising funds for an orphanage there? Does he share my constituent’s conclusion that we need to find ways of increasing humanitarian aid and support for the people of Zimbabwe, without strengthening ZANU-PF?

Mr. Lewis: My right hon. Friend is right to draw attention to the contribution of individuals, which demonstrates that no way is Zimbabwe on the back burner in respect of how the British people feel about our relationship with that country or in Department for International Development staff’s excellent work on the front line.

My right hon. Friend is right to say that, as a result of our support, 7 million people were fed in March who would not otherwise have been fed; the cholera outbreak has been brought under control; and we are moving towards more support for Humanitarian Plus. Equally, we expect the Zimbabwean Government to fulfil the obligations they have entered into with the international community on a clear and transparent reform agenda.

Mr. Nicholas Soames (Mid-Sussex) (Con): Given the non-negotiables—quite right, too—may I endorse the words of my hon. Friend the Member for Macclesfield (Sir Nicholas Winterton) and ask the Under-Secretary to continue to help in the humanitarian way the Government are rightly doing? What grounds for optimism does he have in the light of Morgan Tsvangirai’s extraordinary courage and achievements?

Mr. Lewis: The optimism results from the changes that the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister and other reformers in the Zimbabwean Government make. Their optimism gives us hope. However, we also know that forces still exist in the Government who do not embrace the reform agenda, and we need them to do that. That is why it is important to send a message of solidarity and support, and make resources available to back the Prime Minister and the reform programme, while also making it clear that there will be no normalisation of relationships with that country until the entire Government are focused on meeting the needs of the ordinary people of Zimbabwe and rebuilding the economy and the health and education systems.

Hilary Armstrong (North-West Durham) (Lab): In the midst of the turmoil in Zimbabwe, what assurance can my hon. Friend give the House about opportunities for children to get education? That will be the way in which the country can rebuild and give people real hope for the future.

Mr. Lewis: My right hon. Friend raises an important issue. We know that many schools in Zimbabwe have not opened this year. Teachers are rightly demanding salaries in hard currency and poor Zimbabweans cannot go to schools that charge in US dollars. That emphasises the importance of the Government’s rebuilding the education system, starting with paying teachers properly so that they turn up to teach the children of Zimbabwe. The good news is that, through UNICEF, we have ensured, with United Kingdom support, that more than 100,000 orphans and vulnerable children remain in school. That would not have happened without UK investment.

Mark Durkan (Foyle) (SDLP):I welcome the Minister’s indication that the cholera outbreak is under control, but what is his assessment of the situation in Zimbabwe in respect of HIV/AIDS, a problem that was callously and deliberately neglected by the Mugabe Administration?

Mr. Lewis: Part of the extra support made available by us, both in the past and most recently, to strengthen health systems is about ensuring that the Zimbabwean health system has the capacity to tackle HIV/AIDS properly. We also want the new President in South Africa to remain committed to the new approach to HIV/AIDS there, which does not just affect attitudes in that country, but affects attitudes to how HIV/AIDS is tackled across the African continent. Our support for strengthening the health system means that we hope for a rapid improvement in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Zimbabwe activists jailed again: BBC NEWS.

The evidence that Mugabe and Zanu PF still dominate Zimbabwe could not be clearer, the dictatorship still rules – how is it possible that the MDC leaders still imagine they can continue with this farce of a regime as people are still being arrested and tortured:

BBC NEWS” Zimbabwe human rights campaigner Jestina Mukoko has been ordered back to jail for plotting to topple President Robert Mugabe, her lawyer said.

Ms Mukoko is among 18 leading activists to be detained just two months after they were released on bail.

The activists say they were tortured into making false confessions.

The party of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has warned that the move could threaten the future of Zimbabwe’s power-sharing government…”

For more see the link below:

via BBC NEWS | Africa | Zimbabwe activists jailed again.