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Cuts & Runs.

September 21, 2009 Leave a comment

There is a kind of obscene haste at the moment with politicians from all three major parties in what seems to be a new game of boasting about future cuts in public spending. The public sector has become a whipping post a target for plans for pay freezes, pension reductions and unemployment. Let us recall this recession began with the selfish, greedy bonus seekers in the banking sector who appear to be able to continue their bad habits regardless that their jobs were saved by taxpayers money. The fact we are £805 billions in debt is the sole responsibility of the UK banks. The banks must be made to pay back every penny they have gobbled up and no one should be given a penny in bonuses.

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Jobless tide swamps vacancy pool

March 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Unemployment is once again a reality for many hundreds of thousands of people, indeed the figures may well be 2 million plus workless, the odds of finding a job in some parts of the country are pretty grim.

Hackney: 32.1
Oldham: 30.6
Redcar 28.2
Lewisham 26.5

Source: Gavurin

A Labour government should not be satisfied with spinning news about initiatives, it must be seen taking swift positive action to stimulate the jobs market. Labour supporters dreaming of a fourth term will be chasing only a dream unless workless citizens can see positive developments.

Our economic stimulus option seems vague and half hearted and nowhere related to the bold economic stimulus plan in the USA.  There is so much that can be done and yet our response seems poor and inadequate.  More should also be spent on retraining and similar programmes which should be introduced in less than the current six months waiting period.

See BBC News link below;

BBC NEWS | Business | Jobless tide swamps vacancy pool.

Job centre crisis as ten people bid for each vacancy – Business – The Observer

March 15, 2009 Leave a comment

For those that get rather excited at working for a fourth term Labour government you are going to have to explain what can be done about the sharp rise in unemployment amongst other unpleasant issues.  Spin about “achievements’ is not going to be good enough. Likewise reminders of the dreadful Tory years of mass unemployment will not convince people Labour has a case. People will want to see jobs on offer and a future; they will not be satisfied with starry eyed initiatives which never seem to appear in reality.

Link below to the original article in The Observer;

Job centre crisis as ten people bid for each vacancy | Business | The Observer .


February 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Unemployment growth in the UK is reaching serious and unacceptable  proportions.  

We are now seeing the inevitable rise to 2 million jobless. Whilst it may be true that there are now plenty of retraining schemes available and that government job centres plus network are now better organized and provided for than they were during the Tory years of mass unemployment nevertheless, going to a job centre plus for advice and help is not always as easy as it appears to politicians.

Government must keep a strong hand on job availability and ensure there is job growth, opportunities at home and abroad need to be found so that applicants can find work.  

There should be a dramatic growth in retraining and educational schemes; people need something to hope for; people on unemployment pay can quickly lose hope and become stuck in the mire of just being used to being unemployed.