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Children involved in riots – PSNI

July 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Criminals active in causing riots in Northern Ireland have sunk so low that they get children to do their fighting. The dissident republicans are complete and utter cowards:

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BBC NEWS: “A senior policeman has said young children were involved in rioting in north Belfast on Monday which he said was orchestrated by criminals

Assistant Chief Constable Alistair Finlay said his officers faced an “extraordinarily dangerous situation”.

Twenty-one police officers were injured in the Ardoyne area and two blast bombs were thrown in violence after the passing of an Orange parade.

Mr Finlay said at least one gunman fired at police to try to murder them.

A BBC reporter saw a masked rioter fire a single shot from a handgun towards the police.

A loaded rifle was also handed into police after a group of children were seen playing with it.

Police said they fired 18 baton rounds during the trouble.

“It was dangerous, particularly from the sinister element of people amongst that crowd wanting to shoot police officers, wanting to kill police officers,” Mr Finlay said.

“Wanting to derail whole processes through that, so it was an extraordinarily dangerous situation.”

The Real IRA has been blamed by Sinn Fein for the trouble…”more

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Violence at Belfast parade route

July 13, 2009 Leave a comment

It seems there still a few deranged morons prepared to confront police and create disorder by engaging in a pointless riot over a harmless parade:

BBC NEWS: “Petrol bombs have been thrown by republican youths at police in Ardoyne, north Belfast.

Thousands of Orangemen and women have been attending Twelfth parades and Orangemen from the area are due to return from the main Belfast parade.

Police have deployed water cannon and one baton round has been fired. One police officer has been injured.

Three police officers have been injured after they were attacked by youths during a return parade at Rasharkin…”more

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Fresh attack on Belfast Romanians.

June 18, 2009 Leave a comment

These attacks on Romanians in Belfast must stop, there has got to be swift police action to apprehend the individuals concerned. People involved in hate crimes and racist attacks must be punished. Protection must be made available to the Romanian community.

BBC NEWS: “There has been another attack on a Romanian family in Belfast, this time in the east of the city.

The bathroom widow of the family’s home on the Upper Newtownards Road was smashed at about 2300 BST on Wednesday.

Police at the scene confirmed to BBC News that the incident was being treated as a “hate crime”.more

via BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Fresh attack on Belfast Romanians.

This story is also covered by the Belfast Telegraph

See also the Hope not hate web site and the article Belfast Shame.

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115 Romanians take shelter in a church after racist attacks – Local & National, News –

June 17, 2009 Leave a comment

This is very disturbing news from Northern Ireland. Racist thugs have been allowed to terrorize 115 Romanians in South Belfast. I hope that the PSNI act quickly to apprehend the people concerned and bring them to justice. Racist attacks have got to be challenged and the local authorities have a duty to act as quickly as possible to assist the Romanian community:

115 Romanians take shelter in a church after racist attacks – Local & National, News –

115 Romanians take shelter in a church after racist attacks
By Lisa Smyth and Deborah McAleese
Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Families flee after attacks by racist mob

BELFAST TELEGRAPH: A five-day-old baby is among 115 Romanian people who took overnight refuge in a church hall — too afraid to remain in their homes following a spate of racist attacks in south Belfast.

In the latest development to the shameful episode for Northern Ireland, it emerged last night that about 20 families accepted an offer of help from the local church after they left their homes in Lisburn Road following a week-long period of racist attacks by thugs claiming to be members of the fascist group Combat 18…”more

And from BBC Radio:

There is also this: Radio 4 Today Denise Wright & Malcolm Morgan discuss the attacksBBC Ireland correspondent Mark Simpson reports on the attacks. Race Relations Co-ordinator in South Belfast, Denise Wright, and Malcolm Morgan, pastor at Belfast City Church, discuss the implications for the city.

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Perils of reporting on terrorism.

June 12, 2009 Leave a comment
Stormont Parliament building outside Belfast, ...
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Image: Northern Ireland Parliament building at Stormont.

I think in cases where reporters have information in regard to terrorism and crime reporters have a higher obligation to society and should cooperate with the security services and police. Journalists should not be above the law. Journalistic integrity is not the issue, since it might be suggested that journalists have little integrity as a rule.

Suzanne Breen should reveal the information she has:

BBC NEWS: “A Northern Ireland journalist is facing jail over her refusal to give police her notes linked to stories about the Real IRA.

Legal conflict between journalists and detectives in Northern Ireland goes back to the start of the Troubles.

In 1971, BBC reporter Bernard Falk spent time in Belfast‘s Crumlin Road jail rather than reveal any details about an IRA spokesman he interviewed.

The paramilitary had appeared on TV in silhouette, back to camera, to conceal his identity…”

via BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Perils of reporting on terrorism.

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Northern Ireland – Independent Monitoring Commision.

The publication of the recent report of the Independent Monitoring Commission is available as a PDF download:Twenty-First Report of the Independent Monitoring Commission. It records he activities of dissident terrorist groups in Northern Ireland.

It notes that:

“CIRA remained active and dangerous during the six months under review. We believe that it was responsible for leaving an explosive device containing some 55lb of home-made explosive near Newtownbutler in October 2008 and for an explosive device which went off without injury or damage near Lurgan PSNI station early the following month. In January 2009 an explosive device was found at a railway bridge in Lurgan for which we believe CIRA was also responsible. These incidents imperilled members of the PSNI; they could also have led to the deaths of members of the general public. In February the PSNI discovered a hoax device by the courthouse in Armagh which we believe CIRA both manufactured and deployed. A hoax device may on occasion be intended only to cause disruption, but it may also be designed to lure police officers into a situation where they are vulnerable to attack; this mode of attack has been used on a number of occasions in the recent past…”


“RIRA members remained heavily involved in other criminal activity. The range was similar to that in which members of CIRA were engaged: drug dealing, “tiger” kidnapping, robbery, extortion and offences to defraud the two Exchequers such as smuggling and fuel laundering…”

It is clear then that dissident groups remain a serious threat to peace in Northern Ireland, though there membership is very small.

Northern Ireland – McGuinness speaks out over threat. BBC NEWS

April 24, 2009 Leave a comment

The news that dissident IRA gangsters, terrorists, may want to assassinate Martin McGuiness and Gerry Adams, the Sin Fain leaders,  doesn’t seem surprising – it would signal a desperate act by people who have lost touch with their communities:

BBC NEWS: “The deputy first minister has said those who made threats against his life are “imposters”.Martin McGuinness was told of the threat from dissident republicans by police within the past 24 hours. Speaking on Friday at Free Derry Corner, the Sinn Fein MP said he had a job to do and that he intended to do it.Mr McGuinness also said his wife and children had been verbally abused by “mouthpieces” in the street…”

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