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Cuts & Runs.

September 21, 2009 Leave a comment

There is a kind of obscene haste at the moment with politicians from all three major parties in what seems to be a new game of boasting about future cuts in public spending. The public sector has become a whipping post a target for plans for pay freezes, pension reductions and unemployment. Let us recall this recession began with the selfish, greedy bonus seekers in the banking sector who appear to be able to continue their bad habits regardless that their jobs were saved by taxpayers money. The fact we are £805 billions in debt is the sole responsibility of the UK banks. The banks must be made to pay back every penny they have gobbled up and no one should be given a penny in bonuses.

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I’ll be nation’s hate figure, says top Tory Philip Hammond: The Guardian

July 25, 2009 Leave a comment

So now we learn more about the sneaky Tory policy of brutal public service cuts.  Phillip Hammond is even now boasting about his proposed actions. This country cannot afford such an extremist Tory government;

“I’ll be nation’s hate figure, says top Tory Philip Hammond. Prepare for rapid post-election budget and deep spending cuts” – Hammond

Patrick Wintour and Nicholas Watt in THE GUARDIAN: “David Cameron may be forced to stage a rapid post-election budget to calm the markets and prevent a drop in Britain’s credit rating in the first days of a Tory government, Philip Hammond, the shadow Treasury chief secretary, warns in a Guardian interview today.

Anticipating an era of deep short-term cuts in public spending, Hammond urges voters to give the Conservatives a big majority so a new government can act boldly to cut the public debt, warning that the public finances are in such a state “the worst outcome for Britain would be an unclear political result at the election”…”

via I’ll be nation’s hate figure, says top Tory Philip Hammond | Politics | The Guardian.

Parliamentary Holiday.

July 22, 2009 Leave a comment

We are living in the 21st Century, the days of rule by aristocrats, nobility and gentleman farmers have long gone. Yet here we are, our parliamentary representatives now embark on an overlong break from 21 July 2009 to 12 October 2009. Such a long break is totally unacceptable, the general public is not getting value for money. I’ve no doubt that there will a few MPs engaged in local constituency business and as for the many?

Many of us want to see parliament modernized: this current state of affairs has to change and change soon.

End public pay excess, say Tories

So the Tories now are keen supporters of envy. The politics of envy is a core value to modern Conservatism. It’s rather a puzzle though as we all know, without doubt that public sector workers are made up of people on low pay Would Bullingdon boy, George Osborne want to give up his well paid jobs in order to become a care assistant or road sweeper? Public sector pay by and large has been held down over the years. Alistair Darling’s call for a public sector pay freeze, his leap into popularism and Tory feeling’s of envy and jealousy should not be supported by Labour politicians. George Osborne should not deceive the general public; there has been no “age of excess” in public sector pay, some Tory friends in the City have made fortunes in this recession and continue to do so. I am all in favour of focussing pay increases for low paid public sector workers but perhaps senior well paid executives who probably vote Tory anyway could face a freeze.

BBC NEWS: “A Tory government would end the “age of excess” in public sector pay, shadow chancellor George Osborne has said.

He told the BBC pay should reflect economic conditions and the Conservatives would change the “culture of Whitehall” to save money.

Meanwhile, a pressure group's report suggests more than 1,000 council bosses earn six-figure salaries.

The government said this justified its plans to make councils publish the pay packages of 2,500 top earners.

A report by the Taxpayers' Alliance suggests those earning £100,000 or more rose by 27% in a year – with at least 16 people being paid more than Prime Minister Gordon Brown…”more

via BBC NEWS | Politics | End public pay excess, say Tories.

Building Britain’s Future

June 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Below is a summary from No 10 in regard to the Prime Minister Brown’s statement to the Commons.  Like many I have no doubt that any future Conservative government is the last thing we want, as we know there would be savage cuts in public services budgets: contrary to the myths often peddled by media hacks; the conservatives tend to make a mess of the economy and allow social disintegration – the Conservative party is not fit for government. We don’t want David Cameron as prime minister: the man is a total idiot.

Gordon Brown’s performance in the Commons today is a major improvement on previous occasions.

Gordon Brown’s statement today is very welcome the proposals for constitutional reform and Lords reform are welcome as are measure to encourage sustainable employment and maintaining public services.

A summary of the Prime Minister’s statement from No 10 is below:

Monday 29 June 2009

Building Britain’s Future

Building Britain's FutureThe Prime Minister has published a plan for “Building Britain’s Future” which aims to make Britain a “fairer, stronger and more prosperous society”.

Visit Building Britain’s Future website

Building Britain’s Future – download the pdf

The document outlines the PM’s plan for economic recovery. It also charts the Government’s goals for renewing democracy, modernising national infrastructure and improving schools, hospitals and policing.

Speaking in Parliament today, Gordon Brown said now is the right time to “forge a new economic and constitutional settlement” for the UK.

He said:

“We will not walk away from people in challenging times. We will continue to fight for a fairer prosperity and a responsible society on the basis of our enduring values. This is not a job just for the Government but for the country as a whole.”

In a statement to the House of Commons this afternoon the PM outlined a range of Government commitments:

  • Cleaning up politics by delivering a radical programme of democratic and constitutional reform, including further reform of the House of Lords
  • Economic growth through an active industrial policy, including a £150 million Innovation Fund
  • Affordable housing by targeting investment worth £1.5 billion over two years to deliver 20,000 new affordable homes and create 45,000 jobs in construction and related sectors
  • Young people out of work for a year will have to take on a job, training or work experience
  • More power for patients through enforceable health care entitlements such as hospital treatment within 18 weeks, access to cancer specialists within two weeks and free health-checks for those aged 40-74
  • More power for parents by guaranteeing individually tailored education for all children
  • Local people to have more say on local policing and crime prevention, CCTV and on how offenders pay back the community
  • A low carbon future through energy efficiency and renewable energy plus incentives for low carbon transport.

In the coming months the Government will release plans for other key areas, including transport, infrastructure, financial services, social care, climate change and energy, life sciences and constitutional reform.

Read the Government’s Draft Legislative Programme for the next Parliamentary session.

Fashion at Royal Ascot

June 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Link to BBC TV News clip: Fashion at Royal Ascot rather reassuring to see that those still have wealth are managing to overcome the recession:

BBC NEWS: “It is hoped the publication of a light hearted guide on racecourse etiquette may help to discourage the most extreme fashion decisions at Royal Ascot.

The BBC has caught a glimpse of the hats and fashion at this year’s Royal Ascot.

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UK’s economy ‘the best in Europe’

June 15, 2009 Leave a comment
PRINCETON, NJ - OCTOBER 13:  Princeton Profess...
Professor Paul Krugman: Image by Getty Images via Daylife

The news from Professor Paul Krugman (who won the 2008 Nobel prize for economics), may bring some comfort for Gordon Brown after a pretty grim few weeks of bad news.

BBC NEWS” “The UK is in the best shape out of all the economies in Europe, according to a leading economist.

Professor Paul Krugman, who won the 2008 Nobel prize for economics, said that the UK’s economic policies had been “pretty good” and called them “intelligent”.

The government also deserved more credit for its policies, he said in an interview with Will Hutton in The Observer newspaper.

His comments come at the end of a week when the pound has risen to its highest level this year.” More

via BBC NEWS | Business | UK’s economy ‘the best in Europe’.

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