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A Black Day – Leader in The Times.

June 19, 2009 Leave a comment

THE TIMES: “By hiding the damning details of their expenses, MPs have added shamelessness to their greed. Party leaders must set an example and publish unedited claims.”

The publication by Parliament of MPs expense claims was a welcome event, we all thought ah good, at last a little bit of openess and an opportunity to win back lost public trust. But no! MPs heavily, in many cases edited large amounts of their published expense claims; they censored the publication of their expenses. They argued they had to hide the addresses of their homes etc. The abused the meaning of the Data Protection Act. As the The Times leader, we of course don’t know the author, explains this will not win back public trust, this will guarantee that the general public will still reman angry.

“Yesterday Britain’s MPs showed their contempt for the public. In publishing heavily edited allowances claims, smothered in black ink and excuses, there was obfuscation where there should have been clarity, mendacity where there should have been honesty.” THE TIMES.

In my view and I am sure in the minds of many The Daily Telegraph was right to publish the details of MPs expense claims, they have done this in a fair way. Had they not done so then the general public would have been really deceived, not one MP who committed an act of deception should return at the next general election. The general public would be right to cleanse Parliament of scoundrels no matter which political party they adhere too. The political parties should also engage in re-selection of MPs. British politics needs cleansing which should also be extended to those in the house of lords who have also abused expenses.

David Cameron the not so Mr. Squeaky Clean.

June 18, 2009 Leave a comment

We now learn ex-Bullingdon boy, the loutish, churlish, David Cameron has now had to pay back nearly £1000 to the Fees Office, he apparently overclaimed, things, on numerous items. Oh dear, its an oversight! it’s a mistake! Same old excuses. And this is the man who wants to get his grubby fingers on the national economy and cut public services, if he can’t manage his personal accounting how does that make him fit for the highest office in the land? Nice to know that despite his wealth he needed national assistance to pay a few bills! Now I know Cameron isn’t the only one but he imagines himself as Mr. Clean – clearly we would be entitled to doubt such a claim!


“What we already knew: Paid off £75,000 mortgage on London home shortly after taking out £350,000 mortgage on Oxfordshire constituency home in August 2001 two months after election to parliament. Made relatively high claims on his Oxfordshire home between 2004-08 – £82,450. Most of claims were for mortgage interest and utility bills apart from £680 on repairs in 2006.

Action already taken: Agreed to repay £680 for the removal of wisteria and vines from a chimney at his constituency home.

What the official release of expenses reveals: The majority of the Conservative leader’s claims were for mortgage interest payments and utility bills although the details of his address are blanked out. However, the documents do shed more light on the £680 Cameron was forced to pay back for the removal of wisteria vines from a chimney at his constituency home. The receipt for the work shows that the bill included work to repair two “leaking cisterns” and fix the “chimney on Aga cooker” as well as replace “tap washers in many bathrooms”. There are also several claims for “oil” or “burning oil”.

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Parliament Publishes MPs Expenses – Farce!

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Houses of Parliament. Image via Wikipedia

Mps Allowances have now been published and frankly it is an exercise in deception. MPs are hiding details behind the Data Protection Act and this is totally unacceptable. It will very difficult to trace the homes where expenses are claimed for thus hiding cases of “flipping”. I am beginning to examine my own MPs claims: so far I am disgusted the man who has numerous properties and is fairly well off, occupying a safe Tory seat, has claimed recently £200 for food! I shall research more and see what other outrageous claims he is making. As these people are elected by their constituents and represent all constituents: they should be fully accountable. Hiding details of expenses is not going to win back public confidence. Government in a democracy must be open.

More than a million printed documents and receipts have been scanned electronically over the last year in a major publishing operation to make information on MPs’ allowances freely available to the public online. These relate to MPs’ claims dating back to 2004/05 and up to 2007/08…”more

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I won’t walk away, insists Gordon Brown

Yesterday was devastating for Labour. Well, I don’t know what to think, Gordon Brown appears for the first time in two years putting up a fight but it is late. I still belive we need a new, fresh team, a new fresh Labour leader. Video link below:

BBC NEWS: “Gordon Brown has unveiled a reshuffled cabinet and vowed to “fight on” with his “resilient” team to rescue the economy and clean up politics.He admitted Labour had suffered “a painful defeat” in Thursday’s polls but added: “I will not waver. I will not walk away. I will get on with the job.”And he unveiled Glenys Kinnock as Europe minister in a surprise move.Two more cabinet ministers – Geoff Hoon and John Hutton – have stepped down but neither backed a challenge to the PM…” CABINET RESHUFFLE NEW JOBS: Alan Johnson – Home secretary; Andy Burnham – Health; Yvette Cooper – Work and pensions; Bob Ainsworth – Defence; John Denham – Communities; Liam Byrne – Chief Secretary to the Treasury; Ben Bradshaw – Culture; Lord Adonis – Transport; Sir Alan Sugar – Enterprise czar (non-Cabinet post)STAYING PUT: Alistair Darling – chancellor; David Miliband – Foreign; Jack Straw – Justice Lord Mandelson – Business; Ed Balls – Schools; Ed Miliband – Climate; Shaun Woodward – Northern Ireland; Jim Murphy – Scotland. QUITTING: John Hutton, James Purnell, Jacqui Smith, Hazel Blears, Geoff Hoon

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more about “I won’t walk away, insists Gordon Brown“, posted with vodpod

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James Purnell quits cabinet and calls on Gordon Brown to stand aside now: The Guardian

The Labour party needs a new dynamic leadership, Gordon Brown and his leadership team are failing because of a total lack of purpose, of goals and there is no vision of where Labour should be heading. Change is necessary and urgent if Labour is to survive as a national political party:

James Purnell quits cabinet: The Guardian .

• Minister tells PM to quit and give Labour ‘fighting chance’
• Purnell’s move sparks furious reaction from Number 10
• Rebels say 75 MPs support email calling for new leader

Allegra Stratton and Patrick Wintour
The Guardian,
Friday 5 June 2009

“James Purnell, the work and pensions secretary, last night dealt a ­monumental blow to Gordon Brown’s chances of holding onto office when he dramatically announced he was quitting the cabinet and asking Brown “to stand aside to give Labour a fighting chance of winning the next election”.

His statement, in effect declaring Brown unelectable, will further weaken the prime minister’s waning authority and takes the challenge to his leadership to a dangerous level.

Purnell made his sensational move after polls closed in the local and European elections, informing Brown by phone last night. It prompted a furious reaction in Number 10 with ministers saying Purnell was profoundly mistaken.

Brown had no inkling that Purnell was going to quit, since the work and pensions secretary shrouded his move in secrecy in order to prevent No 10 mounting a pre-emptive strike against him, or seeking to challenge his motives…”

Rebel Labour MPs seek signatures for ‘Gordon must go’ letter: The Guardian.

I don’t know how much truth there is in this article from The Guardian but it is in the circumstances very likely as Gordon Brown is losing support left, right and centre!

LONDON - SEPTEMBER 10:  British Prime Minister...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Allegra Stratton & David Hencke, THE GUARDIAN: “A group of rebel MPs have begun soliciting signatures for a round robin letter calling for Gordon Brown to step down, which they plan to hand to the prime minister after the results of the local and European elections have come in on Monday morning.

The Guardian has learned there are reports that the backbenchers think they can reach 70 or 80 signatories, with some claims that the letter could be delivered to Downing Street by the end of today.

Some backbenchers have seen the letter and are not signing it on account of a perception that the names already on the list are “too leftwing”.

No hard copy exists so far but a “tree” of backbenchers, extending throughout the reaches of the 350-strong parliamentary party, are attempting to canvass opinions to gauge the support for the prime minister.

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Gordon Brown losing control of reshuffle as Jacqui Smith leads cabinet resignations: The Guardian.

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Things are looking grim for Gordon Brown:

• Revelation ends weeks of speculation about Smith’s future
• Ministers Tom Watson and Beverley Hughes to quit
Geoff Hoon and Alistair Darling under threat

Deborah Summers and Andrew Sparrow The Guardian: “Gordon Brown was losing control of his cabinet reshuffle today as it emerged that Jacqui Smith, Britain’s first female home secretary, and two other government ministers planned to quit the frontbench.

In a turbulent day for the prime minister, Tom Watson, the Cabinet Office minister, and Beverley Hughes, the families minister, also let it be known that they would leave the government in the shakeup, pre-empting Brown’s planned overhaul of his frontbench team, due to come after the European and local elections.

Smith, who has been at the centre of intense controversy over her expenses claims, apparently told Brown two months ago that she did not want to continue in office.

She is said to have been “hurt” by recent events, which have included the revelation that she inadvertently claimed for two pornographic films watched by her husband and criticism of the way she has designated a house she shares with her sister in London as her main home.

The move will pave the way for a overhaul of Brown’s cabinet following what is expected to be disastrous election results for Labour this weekend…”

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