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Harry Patch (1898 – 2009)

August 6, 2009 Leave a comment

The nation has been moved by the courage of the First World War veteran Harry Patch. He has been described as an ambassador for peace and reconciliation. His belief that war is murder is well known. His horrific experiences in the trenches as he saw his friends die troubled him for all his days. He was a man unready to talk about war and it wasn’t until he was a 100 years old that he began to do so.

Most sane human beings would agree that war is terrible and yes that war is murder, the problem is that often we slip into war for a reason. That in August 1914 Germany had attacked and invaded Belgium and its ally the Austro-Hungarian Empire had attacked Serbia were the initial causes of the First World War. What then should have been done? Should Great Britain have shrugged its shoulders and ignored such militaristic success what would happened next if Great Britain had not gone to war? Again in 1939 we saw again a rampant, aggressive German state bulldoze or shall we say conducted blitzkrieg by using its military once again into war in western Europe after having already attacked Poland and there is little doubt as to the motives of the then Nazi German regime we were definitely on the future list of subjected peoples.

Most of us would agree that our soldiers in the First World War had the worst generals – senior offices ever to have held office, men who could not lead nor had any idea of the price the ordinary soldier was paying in that living hell. Officers such as Earl Haig were astonishingly rewarded following the war.

So I’m troubled by Harry’s viewpoint, whilst war is murder, whilst war is terrible sometimes you have to make a stand against a bully. I do have respect for Harry Patch he knew only too well how lucky he was to survive the war; for him as for millions caught up in that war an unpleasant death was but a heart beat away.

We all have distant relatives who gave their lives during the First World War, goodness knows how many returned from the trenches with physical and mental injuries who would never again live normal lives. Every town and village has its First World War memorial the scars are deep.

So now as Harry Patch the last veteran of the First World War now lies in peace let us remember all those who gave their lives in that dreadful war.

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Did Carla Wear Him Out? The Daily Beast

July 28, 2009 Leave a comment

President Sarkozy appears to have worn himself out and not just jogging, perhaps he needs a few weeks rest on the Cornish coast:

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Did Carla Wear Him Out?

by Eric Pape

THE DAILY BEAST: “French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s jogging collapse Sunday suggests that he’s struggling with his unique juggling act: how to run a country while satisfying a glamorous younger wife.

On a hot, sunny day in late July, when many Frenchmen his age were uncorking bottles of rosé, President Nicolas Sarkozy was in the midst of a 45-minute run in the park outside the Chateau of Versailles. Sarkozy is known for running—television crews often film him, sweaty and uncouth, as he jogs in an NYPD t-shirt. It is a potent part of the Sarkozy brand: he is tireless and in perpetual motion. His running may be more American than French, but as a manifestation of his relentless work ethic, it probably wins him votes. The problem is that this time, according to witnesses, Sarkozy staggered, and either collapsed or lay down with the assistance of an aide (depending on whether you believe witnesses or his cabinet)…”

via Did Carla Wear Him Out? – Page 1 – The Daily Beast.

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Le Tour 2009.

July 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Well it’s been three weeks of thrills from the Tour de France.

As usual it has been very exciting, one of world’s most challenging cycle races.  British rider Mark Cavendish has done very well.

Obama engages the world

July 13, 2009 Leave a comment

President Barak Obama has now formulated US foreign policy in a series of speeches;

BBC NEWS: ‘With a series of rousing international speeches, President Barack Obama has definitively recast American foreign policy, shunning the Bush administration’s leadership-centric diplomacy and engaging directly with the people of the world…”more

via BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Obama engages the world.

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Feeding the oxygen of publicity to a moron.

Now that the BNP scumbag Nick Griffin has become an MEP why is it that our media particularly BBC TV News find it necessary to respond to speech farts made by Nick Griffin. Griffin made a preposterous outburst yesterday suggesting that the EU should bomb boats carrying immigrants – what appears to be mass murder on African immigrants attempting to cross the mediterranean in flimsy boats.

BBC NEWS: Griffin: ” Frankly, they need to sink several of those boats.
“Anyone coming up with measures like that we’ll support but anything which is there as a ‘oh, we need to do something about it’ but in the end doing something about it means bringing them into Europe’ we will oppose.”

The interviewer, BBC Correspondent Shirin Wheeler, said: “I don’t think the EU is in the business of murdering people at sea.”

Mr Griffin replied: “I didn’t say anyone should be murdered at sea – I say boats should be sunk, they can throw them a life raft and they can go back to Libya…”

This has to be a really racist, callous, sickening comment by Griffin: a complete moron. It would be far better if our media just totally ignore the miserable fascist wretch.

EU tells Iran not to put British embassy employees on trial over post-election protests | World news |

The news from the insane regime that rules Iran doesn’t get any better; its leaders live in a state of denial; they fail to realize and accept that the massive  revolt following the farcical general election is home grown. Many millions of Iranians have enough of rule by clerics.  So in a state of paranoia the leaders of Iran look for non existent foreign causes and so it is that a handful of british embassy employees have been tortured and forced to confess stories suitable for the Theocracy.  The European Union if it means anything at all should now act in solidarity and withdraw their diplomats from Tehran immediately:

Mark Tran in THE GUARDIAN: “The EU decided today to summon all Iranian ambassadors in capitals across Europe in a co-ordinated protest action after one of the country’s most senior clerics said some of the local British embassy workers accused of inciting protests following last month’s disputed presidential election would be put on trial.

The head of Iran’s guardian council, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, said the detained staff members had “made confessions” in connection with the unrest.

The surprise move by the council, Iran’s top legislative body, will cause relations between London and Tehran to deteriorate further after tit-for-tat diplomatic expulsions last week…”more

via EU tells Iran not to put British embassy employees on trial over post-election protests | World news | .

BNP faces legal threat over membership policies:

June 23, 2009 Leave a comment

At long last the penny has dropped, why on earth is the BNP‘s existence tolerated when it practices discriminating policies let alone exist in violation of laws relating to race relations.  all European Union funding should be halted and the party’s two MEPs should be stripped of their membership of the European Parliament.

THE GUARDIAN: “The BNP is facing the threat of an injunction on the grounds of acting unlawfully over its membership policies, the Guardian can reveal.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission, the independent watchdog on discrimination, has written to the far-right political party stating that it believes the BNP is in breach of the Race Relations Act on three counts.

The letter, which gives the BNP until 20 July to respond to the allegations, reserves the right to take further legal action, including an injunction against the party…”more

via BNP faces legal threat over membership policies | Politics | .

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