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BNP faces legal threat over membership policies:

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At long last the penny has dropped, why on earth is the BNP‘s existence tolerated when it practices discriminating policies let alone exist in violation of laws relating to race relations.  all European Union funding should be halted and the party’s two MEPs should be stripped of their membership of the European Parliament.

THE GUARDIAN: “The BNP is facing the threat of an injunction on the grounds of acting unlawfully over its membership policies, the Guardian can reveal.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission, the independent watchdog on discrimination, has written to the far-right political party stating that it believes the BNP is in breach of the Race Relations Act on three counts.

The letter, which gives the BNP until 20 July to respond to the allegations, reserves the right to take further legal action, including an injunction against the party…”more

via BNP faces legal threat over membership policies | Politics | .

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Leading historians on whether fascism is on the march again: Politics: The Guardian

An interesting selection of interviews with leading academic historians of all of them I think only Eric Hobsbawn has the key: “… The left is in trouble everywhere: Labour in the UK, the French socialists, the Italian democrats. The Spanish socialists, one of the few leftwing parties to gain in recent years, have also slipped. The SPD in Germany are not doing as badly as expected, but they are down to around 20%, and these losses are not compensated by the votes for the New Left party. We have seen the demoralisation of the French left and a degree of disintegration of the left in Germany. Social democrats will need a new vision as well as a new constituency.”

Interviews by Stephen Moss and John Crace in THE GUARDIAN: “Does the election of two BNP MEPs and the success of the far right elsewhere in Europe mean we are facing the threat of fascism? Or is this just a protest vote that will quickly fade? Leading historians give their verdicts..”more

via Leading historians on whether fascism is on the march again. Politics:The Guardian .

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BNP MEPs! Not in my name! Hope not hate Petition.

Hope not hate.

Hope not hate.

Join the fightback against the nazi BNP scumbags sign the petition to the European Parliament. The BNP is an anti-British party.

Not in my name Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons have won seats in the European Parliament – but they do not represent Britain.

Hope not hate: “Sign our petition and help show what Britain thinks of the BNP – we’ll be handing our petition to the European Parliament on the day Griffin and Brons take their seat. Join the campaign, upload a photo of yourself holding a sign saying “Not in my name” and then share this petition with your friends. Let’s send a deafening message of defiance: NOT IN OUR NAME.”

European Election Results 2009.

Labour logo
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Bad news, appalling result for Labour 15.3% of the vote dreadful.  Worse still is that  916,424 people voted for the nazi BNP.  Those 916.424 people should feel ashamed to have voted for nazi scumbags.

BBC NEWS: “Voters in European polls deliver a damning verdict on Labour, as it is beaten by UKIP and sees the BNP gain its first MEPs…”

via Election 09.

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Caroline Flint’s resignation letter:

European Union
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I suppose the biggest surprise was the news that Caroline Flint former Europe minister had resigned from the government and rther spectacularly: Caroline Flint’s resignation letter . She clearly is very angry with Gordon Brown, yet we have seen her on TV news programmes and hearing her on radio news programmes being very pro-Gordon Brown and never until now did she protest that she felt he discriminated against women. Curious.

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Dear Gordon,

I believe the achievements of the Labour government to date have been monumental and you have played an immense part in the creation of those achievements.

However, I am extremely disappointed at your failure to have an inclusive government.

You have a two-tier government. Your inner circle and then the remainder of cabinet.

I have the greatest respect for the women who have served as full members of cabinet and for those who attend as and when required.

However, few are allowed into your inner circle.

Several of the women attending cabinet – myself included – have been treated by you as little more than female window dressing.

I am not willing to attend cabinet in a peripheral capacity any longer.

In my current role, you advised that I would attend cabinet when Europe was on the agenda. I have only been invited once since October and not to a single political cabinet – not even the one held a few weeks before the European elections.

Having worked hard during this campaign, I would not have been party to any plan to undermine you or the Labour party in the run up to 4 June.

So I was extremely angry and disappointed to see newspapers briefed with invented stories of my involvement in a “Pugin room plot”.

Time and time again I have stepped before the cameras to sincerely defend your reputation in the interests of the Labour party and the government as a whole. I am a natural party loyalist. Yet you have strained every sinew of that loyalty.

It has been apparent for some time that you do not see me playing a more influential role in the government. Therefore, I have respectfully declined your offer to continue in the government as minister for Europe attending cabinet.

I served six years as a backbencher and, therefore, I am not unhappy to be able to devote myself to promoting my constituency’s interests and to support the Labour government from the backbenches.

This is a personal decision, which I have not discussed with colleagues.


Rt Hon Caroline Flint MP

Shamed MEPs take share of £20m ‘farewell’ payout – Times Online

European Union
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I think it is generally well known how corrupt the European Union is, and what is now begging to emerge is the nice little gravy train the European Parliament has become. The most recent surprise being how nicely rewarded are those known to have enjoyed fiddling their expenses add to this those retiring British MEPs 22 of them who will enjoy a fabulous retirement package. The European Parliament is clearly in need of major reform, European citizens must make this European Parliament more accountable and stop such payments being made:

David Brown, Fran Yeoman and David Charter in THE TIMES: “Three politicians accused of misusing public money will receive hundreds of thousands of pounds in pensions and benefits as part of a £20 million payoff for British MEPs who retire this week.

Twenty-two British MEPs — more than a quarter of the total — are stepping down. Each will be paid up to two years’ salary to help them to adjust to their new lives and they will share a £10 million index-linked pension pot.

Seventeen are also members of the European Parliament’s lucrative and controversial second pension scheme, which can provide an additional pension pot of £209,000 for every five-year term served. An eighteenth MEP was a member of the scheme until 2007 and will receive some payment…”

via Shamed MEPs take share of £20m ‘farewell’ payout – Times Online .

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European Elections I don’t know who to vote for?

Three weeks ago I assumed I would vote Labour as usual.  But as recent events have unfolded I feel Labour doesn’t deserve my loyal vote.  The leadership of  Gordon Brown as far as I am concerned is a failure.  He has defended the doubtful, especially those in the Cabinet, those MPs involved in dubious expenses claims are getting away with it and have used feeble excuses.  We also know that the European Union is riddled with corrupt practices, the European Parliament likewise.  MEPs expenses claims makes the MPs expenses issue look cheap.  Likewise, I don’t know what the Labour party stands for anymore, it has no vision, no goals, no leadership!

Perhaps No2Eu I might consider, but even TU leaders think they have a job for life. But then I want thorough electoral reform and only the Lib Dems agenda for reform fits my view but they are too pro EU, so what the heck do I do?

The decision was made, I voted Lib. Dem. candidates for County & European Parliament. Throughout my life I have voted Labour but I am so disgusted with the poor leadership of the Labour party and the attitude of many Labour MPs for misusing public funds.