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Mary Travers 1936 – 2009

September 17, 2009 Leave a comment

With the sad news of the death of Mary Travers a member of the popular American folk singing trio Peter, Paul & Mary, I feel a little bit of me died today. Growing up in the 1960s there songs made a deep impression on me and clearly millions of others on our little planet. Their songs were perfect, beautiful, you could understand each word unlike the trash you hear so often that passes for song music today.

She had bravely fought leukemia and she was recovering instead her chemotherapy treatment led to her death.

May she rest in peace, she will always be remembered by those of us who were there.

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Naomi Sims, among first black models, dies at 61 –

August 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Very sad to hear of this courageous, pioneering African-American woman who braved racism and paved the way for black women to be models, has died from breast cancer at such an early age of 61. Very, very sad, she deserved better and a longer life.

NEW YORK (AP) — “Naomi Sims, the barrier-breaking African-American fashion model who in 1968 became the first black model to appear on the cover of Ladies’ Home Journal, has died. She was 61.

Sims, said by some to be the first black supermodel, died Saturday of cancer in Newark, New Jersey, her son Bob Findlay told The New York Times. It had been decades since she left the runway to become an author and launch her own beauty empire…”

via Naomi Sims, among first black models, dies at 61 –

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Farrah Fawcett 1947 – 2009

June 25, 2009 Leave a comment
1975: (FILE PHOTO) Publicity portrait of Ameri...
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It is sad to learn of the death from cancer of Farrah Fawcett following a magnificent fight against the disease that claimed her life.  I have the highest admiration for those that take on cancer  with courage and fortitude no matter who they are.

FOX NEWS: “Farrah Fawcett, the multiple Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated American actress best known for her role as the vivacious Jill Munroe in the 1970s television series “Charlie’s Angels,” died in a Santa Monica hospital. She was 62…”more

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Half of women survive cancer – Telegraph

March 24, 2009 Leave a comment

A Europe wide study into cancer survival “…It was carried out on 49 registers containing 13.5 million cancer patients diagnosed between 1988 and 1999..” come up with interesting data.  I wonder why though why survival rates for men (40,000 men and 60,000 women) are significantly lower than for women. This may indeed be due to late diagnosis and clearly more needs to be done on cancer awareness and early diagnosis;

The analysis indicated that 67.4 per cent of women with breast cancer and 39.9 per cent of patients with colorectal cancer were “cured” in England, along with 12.4 per cent of stomach cancer patients and 44 per cent of those with prostate cancer.

Experts said many cancers were now treatable but success rates varied according to how much health services spent on treatment and how early patients were diagnosed. The chances of successfully treating the disease were greatly increased if it was caught early.

Despite considerable success in improving NHS cancer services, the research, which is published today in a special issue of the European Journal of Cancer, showed that England still ranked behind other European nations.

Prof Mike Richards, the national director for cancer services, said: “This shows that a lot of people with cancer are cured and that is very important and that is good news. Perhaps the even better news is that we can undoubtedly do better.

“We are seeing that people in general can be cured of their condition. The main difference between ourselves and other countries now is related to late diagnosis and that is why it is so important to raise awareness and knowledge of the symptoms but also get across the benefits of early diagnosis. That is the best way to improve the chances of a cure. If we can do that, we can be among the best in Europe.”

I hope something can be done to keep on spreading the message of the threat to our lives that cancer is and people need to understand early diagnosis is essential; it is possible to defeat cancer; if something seems unusual get to your GP and ask for an appropriate test; my concern is that men and women should be alert to cancer; for more see the link below;

Half of women survive cancer – Telegraph.

Jane’s appeal smashes £2m target

February 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Mrs Jane Tomlinson, a mother of three, who died after a battle against cancer in September 2007 is a real British hero. She first had breast cancer in 1990 removed by opreration, it returned again in 1993  and by 2000 it had spread to her lungs and bones. In August 2000 she was told she might only live another six months.  But Jane didn’t give in, with her husband Mike, they raised money for children’s and cancer charities through cycle rides, marathons and triathions in the UK, Europe and the United States.  By the time she died she and her husband had raised £1.75 million, she was a awarded a MBE in 2003 later made a CBE.

Everyone reacts to cancer in their own way but Jane’s example shows a human spirit beyond imagination, she was indeed a courageous and remarkable woman who wanted to contribute something, in the time she had, to children’s and cancer charities.

The link below is from the BBC telling her story;

BBC NEWS | England | West Yorkshire | Jane’s appeal smashes £2m target.

We all have something to learn from Jane’s example.