Regarding comments: this blog promotes European social democratic values.

I shall choose the right to accept or reject without any requirement to explain the decision.

No one is forced to read a blog or respond to any post.

Comments must be in English only.

I shall reject anti-Semitic comments or links, all comments will be checked in regard to IP address to eliminate spam. I will also reject any fascist, racist, nationalist, Tory & Lib. Dem. trolls and Tory & Lib Dem inspired spam.

I shall reject any comments containing vulgar language.

I shall also reject racist or fascist comments or spam.

I have accepted opposing views in the past.

Trolls not welcome, don’t waste my time.

Any personal attacks or anything that could be construed as a libel by a third party will not be published.

Links to web sites in comments will be checked through IP address so as to prevent spam and deleted.

Due to receiving comments from time wasting trolls all comments will need to be submitted for approval. If the trolls continue then comments will be closed.

  1. sol
    December 14, 2008 at 23:36

    I’m only posting here because you have no email link. I’m not expecting this comment to be published.

    I have to say that it is a new experience to be published in a moderated combox and then moderated back out. I should have read this page first and realised that you are very judicious about accepting opposing views – though admittedly I didn’t know I had a view opposing yours on Sark until after your first reply.

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