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Apple’s New iPod Nano.

No this is not an advert.
iPod Nano
Apple recently launched a brand new and advanced iPod Nano, it is available in nine colours, it has a video camera, very useful and a radio, a 2.2″ colour display and is available in 8gb and 16gb depending on how much cash you wish to part with. A handy little gadget, there is no doubt about that BUT and this is a big BUT why did one of the most advanced computer design teams in the world decide to fit an FM RADIO? Now, we here in the UK are about to dump FM radio and go digital of course digital radio (DAB) is available now and has been for some time. Did not the little men at Apple’s research laboratories figure that one out. It means in effect UK customers will be buying out of date technology!

This is not the first time Apple have got things wrong. The original iPhone marketeed as a mobile ‘phone could not forward text messages; could not deal with multiple text messaging; had no MMS facility. Thus other mobile ‘phone manufacturers could still offer a better product.

Someone at Apple needs to wake up!

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