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The Tragic Case of Baby Peter Connelly.

Baby Peter Connelly has now been given his proper name and thus a wrong has been put right, it was wrong to have hidden the identities of those who caused his death and wrong that baby Peter’s name was withheld. Society let him down, whilst his personal safety should have been the concern of the child protection service in Haringey it was obvious he had been betrayed. It would be quite wrong for the state to assist those responsible for his death with anonymity. People who engage in these horrific crimes must know they face appropriate punishment. What concerns me is how many more of these cases there are; how many more social service departments are failing children. I agree that often social workers may be overworked and social services starved of funding and if that is the case then it is the responsibility of councillors et al to put this right.

BBC NEWS: “The couple responsible for the death of 17-month-old Baby Peter have been named after a court anonymity order expired.

He died in Haringey, north London, in the care of his mother Tracey Connelly, 28, and her partner Steven Barker, 33.

A third defendant in the case named as Jason Owen, 37, is now identified as Barker’s brother. Baby Peter’s surname, Connelly, has also been released.

In May, Connelly and Barker were given minimum terms of five and 12 years for causing or allowing the death of Peter.

In a separate court case, Barker was also given a life sentence for raping a two-year-old girl.

Peter had more than 50 injuries, including fractured ribs and a broken back, when he was found dead in a property in Penshurst Road, Tottenham, in August 2007…”

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