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Primaries & The Labour Party

just received an e-mail from Progress including this quote from Will Straw. The labour Party is becoming extinct as far as membership goes! This is of course part of the Progress campaign for Primaries an idea which seems worth supporting.

Since the 1950s, Labour party membership has fallen from one million to 170,000. The average CLP now has under 300 members with some selections for PPCs being taken by just a handful of people, little more than an old members’ club. If we want to re-engage liked minded people across our communities, the Labour party has a choice: to open up or die. This means an end to command-and-control policy making and an end to command-and-control candidate selection. Let’s start with primaries for all mayoral elections and also for the CLPs where membership has slipped below 200.’ – Will Straw, co-editor of ‘The change we need: What Britain can learn from Obama’s victory’

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