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Is Assisted Suicide Acceptable?

BBC NEWS: “Law Lords backed a call by Debbie Purdy, 46 and from Bradford, for formal advice on the legal position of those whose loved one help them to commit suicide.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Keir Starmer said interim policy guidance would be issued by September.

Critics say the ruling could pressure people into ending their lives early…”

The Purdy case which received a lot of publicity on TV news channels yesterday; centres on a loved one who may face prosecution for helping those who wish to commit suicide. There is no doubt there are people whose lives become a living hell due to illness face an awesome choice and one can only feel sadness and compassion for those involved. I feel very uncomfortable about this as it opens the door for posible abuse. It is right that the law be on suicide clarified but is it right that a relative be immune from prosecution?

There may be genuine cases such as Debby Purdy’s and one can understand her fears. But I’m uncomfortable with the whole business of suicide, assisted or not. Are we as a society failing to understand why suicide for those with painful terminal illnesses is an option? We have given billions of pounds to bankers so that they can pay certain operatives fat bonuses this money, even a fraction, would be better spent on medical research into serious illnesses. I think we are failing those who need help, it is clear not enough is being done to boost medical research funding.

It’s a very sad situation, anyone who wants to commit suicide will do so, few appear to worry if their relatives can be prosecuted. If the Director of Public Prosecutions accepts Debnhie Purdy’s argument then there must be safeguards to ensure that the unscrupulous do not take advantage. Think about the comment below:

“There is far more to living with MS than planning how to die.”
Simon Gillespie, Multiple Sclerosis Society

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