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David Miliband: How to help Afghans defeat the insurgency: FT.com

The debate on Afghanistan continues, David Miliband has written a useful article stating the case for continuing British involvement. The simplistic, immature and naive arguments given by supporters of the “stop the war coalition” fail to get to grips with the essential facts, their argument is emotional and irrational. We have an important commitment in Afghanistan we cannot withdraw, cut and run, this would be a grave betrayal not only of Afghans who fear the Taliban but those in the armed services who have given their lives and those who have lost limbs and those who have mental distress. We must ensure the coming elections on August 30th are held in Afghanistan including Helmond province.

Dated: July 26 2009

How to help Afghans defeat the insurgency

By David Miliband

“In recent weeks the debate about Afghanistan has centred on the UK military’s tactics and resources. The bravery and commitment of our forces has been remarkable, and the toll of death and injury from recent operations heavy. But the result is 80,000 to 100,000 Afghans secure from Taliban threats and violence, and able to vote in the Afghan elections on August 20.

We committed to this mission for one reason: to deny al-Qaeda a base from which to attack the world. People support this and understand that in the 1990s the Taliban authority in Afghanistan provided a convenient incubator for al-Qaeda. But people now want to know whether and how we can succeed. We can. This is how…”

via FT.com / Comment / Opinion – How to help Afghans defeat the insurgency.

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