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Did Carla Wear Him Out? The Daily Beast

President Sarkozy appears to have worn himself out and not just jogging, perhaps he needs a few weeks rest on the Cornish coast:

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Did Carla Wear Him Out?

by Eric Pape

THE DAILY BEAST: “French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s jogging collapse Sunday suggests that he’s struggling with his unique juggling act: how to run a country while satisfying a glamorous younger wife.

On a hot, sunny day in late July, when many Frenchmen his age were uncorking bottles of rosé, President Nicolas Sarkozy was in the midst of a 45-minute run in the park outside the Chateau of Versailles. Sarkozy is known for running—television crews often film him, sweaty and uncouth, as he jogs in an NYPD t-shirt. It is a potent part of the Sarkozy brand: he is tireless and in perpetual motion. His running may be more American than French, but as a manifestation of his relentless work ethic, it probably wins him votes. The problem is that this time, according to witnesses, Sarkozy staggered, and either collapsed or lay down with the assistance of an aide (depending on whether you believe witnesses or his cabinet)…”

via Did Carla Wear Him Out? – Page 1 – The Daily Beast.

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