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The Recession Is Over! But Not for You–Yet. | Newsweek Business |

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Newsweek article by Daniel Gross suggests that the recession is over!

By Daniel Gross NEWSWEEK: “In Westport, Mass., about 60 miles southwest of Boston, traffic crawls along Route 6 as drivers make their way to the nearby Atlantic beaches like Horseneck or Baker’s. A 10-worker crew pouring and raking asphalt onto the road slows their progress. It’s the kind of small annoyance drivers nationwide face each summer. It’s also one small manifestation of President Barack Obama’s ambitious strategy for jump-starting the economy…”

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Le Tour 2009.

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Well it’s been three weeks of thrills from the Tour de France.

As usual it has been very exciting, one of world’s most challenging cycle races.  British rider Mark Cavendish has done very well.

The Ashes: 3rd Test: Ian Bell

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Looking forward for the start of the 3rd Test on Thursday at Edgbaston:

BBC: “Ian Bell will start Thursday’s third Ashes Test at Edgbaston after England opt against calling up a replacement for the injured Kevin Pietersen…”

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Government to cut wounded soldiers’ awards – Times Online

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According to The Times it seems the beancounters at The Treasury and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) are once again behaving in an unacceptable manner.  It also means another own goal for our  Labour government which following the recent helicopter shortage crisis in Afghanistan which is leading to the deaths of our troops, seems determined on losing whatever public support remains.  Once again it illustrates Gordon Brown has to go. We have an obligation to ensure that soldiers who as a result of fighting for our country have been sveerly wounded, have lost limbs etc must be given generous financial support. The beancounters at the MOD should be removed from their desks and flown out to Afghanistan and put in the front line.

THE TIMES: “The government will this week launch an attempt to deny soldiers crippled in battle full compensation for their injuries.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) will go to the Court of Appeal on Tuesday to try to slash the compensation awarded to two injured soldiers by up to 70%. If the government wins, it will fuel the mounting disquiet over the relatively paltry payments some soldiers are receiving for lifelong injuries…”

via Government to cut wounded soldiers’ awards – Times Online.