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In Defense of ‘Socialized Medicine’ – The Daily Beast

Interesting article from Andrew Neil in regard to those in the USA who oppose President Obama’s health reforms. Neil actually defends the achievements of the NHS!

Andrew Neil in THE DAILY BEAST: “Obama’s critics blast Britain’s health care as “socialized medicine,” stoking fears about substandard practices, lines, and rationed care. Andrew Neil says Brits are baffled by the distortions.

Far be it for a mere Brit to intrude into the U.S. health-care debate, but after a week in New York watching the arguments unfold on TV, it’s clear the opponents of reform are dragging the British National Health Service into their side of the debate with the most outrageous distortions and “porkies” (as in pork pies, i.e. lies!).

When Rudy Giuliani on CNN dismissed our NHS with the claim that “nobody goes to Britain for health care, they all come here if they can,” I found myself shouting at the screen: “Hold on, Rudy, it’s not as bad as that.” Indeed New York’s ex-mayor is just plain wrong…”

via In Defense of ‘Socialized Medicine’ – Page 1 – The Daily Beast.

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