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Supreme Leader Mugabe!!!

It now seems that Mugabe the man who appointed himself president of Zimbabwe has now to be known as the Supreme Leader. Thus with the blessing his of his fascist zanu pf party he elevates himself to a new height of lunacy. One might ask this Mugabe what is he supreme leader of – a country that he made a total economic ruin? A country that can only survive with generous handouts from democratic countries!

21 July 2009

Hopes that ageing dictator Robert Mugabe would be retiring soon have been dashed, after his party endorsed the 85 year old as ZANU PF’s ‘Supreme leader’, in a move that a leading political analyst has dismissed as unconstitutional.

The party’s Midlands Province Coordinating Committee made the resolution over the weekend, apparently ending the ZANU PF succession debate that observers have said threatened to divide the party. In May the ZANU PF politburo set up a committee to look into the issue of choosing new leaders for the party, a move that was seen as a sign the party was finally looking for a Mugabe successor. But Emmerson Mnangagwa, ZANU PF Secretary for Legal Affairs, who was also rumoured to be harboring his own presidential hopes, said this weekend the ZANU PF Midlands grouping had agreed they are satisfied and committed to Mugabe’s leadership of the party.

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