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Eight soldiers’ bodies flown home

Wootton Bassett Citizens salute Army heroes. Image by Getty Images via Daylife

As the bodies of the latest British Army heroes return home. We need to remember that British soldiers are doing a magnificent job in very harsh conditions, in Operation Panther’s Claw they are taking the fight to the Taliban. It is important that we continue the solidarity with our forces and those of the International Security Assisistance Force (ISAF) in order that Afghanistan is freed from the threat the Taliban poses. Jeremy Paxman‘s BBC Newsnight programme last night posed the question why are we in Afghanistan, I would have thought even Jeremy Paxman had enough intelligence to work that out. The problem is that the British Army must have the tools and manpower to do the job and our Labour government is failing to provide, to its shame, the British Army with the necessary equipment. The Taliban threat must be curtailed and military action is require to bring this about; there also needs to be a political settlement with some kind of acceptable representative state with clean government. By all accounts the Afghan people do not want to be ruled by the Taliban.

BBC NEWS: “The bodies of eight British soldiers killed in Afghanistan in a single 24-hour period will be flown back to Britain later.

Thousands of people are expected to line the streets as their coffins are driven through Wootton Bassett, near RAF Lyneham, in Wiltshire…”more

via BBC NEWS | UK | Eight soldiers’ bodies flown home.

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