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BBC – Mark Easton’s UK: Challenging gang culture

Mark Easton’s article is a useful starting point on what to do about gang culture. Many will be concerned and alarmed by the rising threat of gang culture and it doesn’t really matter if a gang is white, black, asian or mixed. It is a culture that is nihlistic. Street gangs have been around in our cities for generations but there is a new disturbing element and culture that threatens decent young people. Territorial and post coded thugs who have no aim in life except for dominance and power. Often victims are young, peer group associates and either another gang member a thug or someone totally innocent.

The problem is how do you deal with this, how do you counter gang culture and violence? Local authorities have a responsibility to try to reach out to gang members try to promote a positive counter culture that would break up or make meaningless street gangs. There has got to be a strategy which brings together law enforcement agencies, charities and local government agencies to develop policies to challenge street gangs.

Often youths are attracted to gangs because they are bored and are searching for identity, we must always remember there are positive role models; other youths who have overcome alienation and boredom and have found a purpose in life. Perhaps we need voluntary youth schemes financed by local authorities in which alienated and bored youths can be directed to useful social projects and receive pay and training at the same time.

Mark Easton: “The values of black gang culture are as warped and vile as anything preached in al-Qaeda's terror camps. The death and suffering which follow from its violent, misogynistic dogma are no less devastating…”more

via BBC – Mark Easton’s UK: Challenging gang culture.

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