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Royal Mail Remains in the Public Sector.

The good news yesterday was that Lord Mandelson, the Business Secretary has had to back down in regard to his ridiculous privitisation plans. This is a victory for common sense and for all who campaigned against any privitisation of a vital public service.

The Royal Mail needs investment and government should assist with investment, after all plenty of billions which we are paying for were found for UK banks. If the Post Office had the same level of investment then we would have the finest postal service in the world. Lord Mandelson should now go one step further and sack Crozier and Leighton, these two clowns have ruined our Post Office; purge the management and appoint people who know the Post Office and can manage it.

In the light of the recent decision it would be a gesture of good faith if the CWU were to call off planned strikes, whilst such strikes have justification they annoy business and the general public. Lord Mandelson should act to ensure that Post Office management guarantee they consult and negotiate with the CWU on all future developments and modernisation.


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