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Tudeh Party of Iran

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The language of force and threat will not stop people in their rightful struggle!

The Vigilant People of Iran!

“Amid the escalation of the protest movement in the recent days and the continuing
mass demonstrations in large and small cities in Iran, in this week’s Friday mass
prayers in Tehran (19th June) the Supreme Leader (Velayat-e-Faqih) not only
distorted the truth and openly defended the coup d’état of his own puppets and
overtly supported Ahmadi-Nejad’s administration, but also threatened the people and
the presidential candidates of the 10th elections. His position and his emphasize on
this point that the election and its outcome is considered the “absolute victory” of the
regime and “illegal novelties” are not allowed [referring to the call for annulment of
elections], indicate the fact that the powerful movement of people has seriously
petrified the regime, and the regime is exploiting all it resources and power to curb
this movement. What Ali Khamenei stated in the Friday’s prayers in Tehran as the
official policy of the Velayat-e-Faqih regime, was not unexpected. This policy has in
fact been followed and meticulously implemented since the first day of mass protests
and demonstrations. Bloody suppression of people, vast and purposeful arrests,
attempts to weaken the strength of the movement in various ways, and efforts to
divide the reformist and freedom-fighters and to disconnect the resistant pro-reform
individuals from the popular movement, are various elements and parts of the
aforementioned policy…”more

The Tudeh Party of Iran

See also Global Solidarity Day Justice for Iranian Workers 26 June 2009

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