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UK expels two Iranian diplomats

Iran protests for the 5th straight day #iranel...
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The Theocratic regime in Teheran has gone totally looney – it has expelled two UK diplomats for “spying’ which is completely rubbish, without any foundation.   The regime is terrified of its own population which has seen electoral fraud committed and is protesting for new elections:

BBC NEWS: “The UK is to expel two Iranian diplomats in a tit-for-tat action after Tehran ordered two UK diplomats to leave the country.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced the move in the House of Commons.

He said it was in response to Iran ordering two UK diplomats to leave the country over allegations that were “absolutely without foundation”.

Mr Brown added that he was “disappointed that Iran has placed us in this position”.

The prime minister said: “Iran yesterday took the unjustified step of expelling two British diplomats over allegations which are absolutely without foundation…”more

via BBC NEWS | UK | UK expels two Iranian diplomats.

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