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Speaker Bercow.

The members of the house of commons have decided, well 322 of them have and the winning candidate as we know is John Becow MP for Buckingham (Cons). He is the 157th Speaker of the commons, son of a taxi driver and the first Jewish Speaker. Although he is a Conservative he appears to be disliked more than most. Nadine Dorries MP for Mid- Bedforshire (Cons),daughter of a bus driver, has be been one of those most upset about his candidacy, her blog explains. Her complaints were published in the Mail on Sunday 23 June It is said that there are Conservative MPs out to get the new Speaker. It is probable the general public would take a dim view of the Conservatives if they were to engage in dirty and underhand tactics to remove the new Speaker; those Conservative MPs who might engage in challenging the Speaker will only further erode the image and status of the house of commons.

It’s the opportunity for a fresh start, it’s important the house reforms and clean up the mess it is in although it really ought to expel the most serious cases of abuse.

The full details of yesterday’s proceedings regarding the election of a new speaker in the house of commons can be found here

John Bercow’s acceptance speech can be found here.

History and list of former Speakers here.

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