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Iran’s Revolutionary Guards threaten crackdown

Riots in streets of Tehran.. new photos #irane...
Image by .faramarz via Flickr

The silence of the muslim community ( except for Iranians in exile) in the UK in regard to the brutal repression of muslims by a Theocratic regime speaks volumes. Yesterday’s reports and mobile ‘phone videos confirm now how horrific the repression is. It is the duty of all love freedom and democracy to stand in support of those Iranians challenging Khamenei’s and Ahmadinejad’s dictatorship.

It is now obvious the election results were manipulated to produce a false victory for Ahmadinejad. Iran is now at a crossroads as the days go by the protests are emerging into an uprising. It is now important for the UK government to come off the fence and publicly condemn the repression in Iran. All normal commerce with Iran should cease, the international community of democratic nations should act to isolate the Iranian regime. The Security Council of the United Nations should now censure the Iranian regime.

TEHRAN (Reuters) – “Iranian police broke up a protest in Tehran and the hardline Revolutionary Guards said they would help crush what they called rioters opposing the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…”more

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