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Iranian Police Attack Hundreds of Opposition Protesters – Iran: FOXNews.com

more from tehran and clash with riot police
Image by .faramarz via Flickr

The Theocracy in Iran is in a panic, it is trying ruthlessly to crush the opposition, it is a callous regime that cares little about the loss of life. Reports are that opposition is widespread and is occuring in many cities, in Tabriz, CNN were showing pictures of heavily armed riot police running for their lives from thousands of demonstrators. The real terrorists are the Basij, The “Revolutionary” Guard, the riot police and the Theocracy. What is happening in Iran looks more like a major uprising is gathering pace.

Why are muslim organizations here so quiet, sitting on the fence! The Iranian Theocratic state is killing muslims!

This struggle in Iran is about human rights let’s see some solidarity with those fighting for their human rights.

FOX NEWS TEHRAN — ” Iranian police attacked hundreds of opposition protesters Monday with tear gas and fire in the air to break up a new rally in Tehran.

Helicopters hovered overhead as about 200 protesters gathered at Haft-e-Tir Square Monday. Hundreds of anti-riot police quickly put an end to the demonstration.

Witnesses said police at the scene tried to prevent any gathering, even small groups. At the subway station at Haft-e-Tir, police did not allow anyone to stand still, asking them to keep walking and separating people who were walking together…”more

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