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A Black Day – Leader in The Times.

THE TIMES: “By hiding the damning details of their expenses, MPs have added shamelessness to their greed. Party leaders must set an example and publish unedited claims.”

The publication by Parliament of MPs expense claims was a welcome event, we all thought ah good, at last a little bit of openess and an opportunity to win back lost public trust. But no! MPs heavily, in many cases edited large amounts of their published expense claims; they censored the publication of their expenses. They argued they had to hide the addresses of their homes etc. The abused the meaning of the Data Protection Act. As the The Times leader, we of course don’t know the author, explains this will not win back public trust, this will guarantee that the general public will still reman angry.

“Yesterday Britain’s MPs showed their contempt for the public. In publishing heavily edited allowances claims, smothered in black ink and excuses, there was obfuscation where there should have been clarity, mendacity where there should have been honesty.” THE TIMES.

In my view and I am sure in the minds of many The Daily Telegraph was right to publish the details of MPs expense claims, they have done this in a fair way. Had they not done so then the general public would have been really deceived, not one MP who committed an act of deception should return at the next general election. The general public would be right to cleanse Parliament of scoundrels no matter which political party they adhere too. The political parties should also engage in re-selection of MPs. British politics needs cleansing which should also be extended to those in the house of lords who have also abused expenses.

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