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UK’s economy ‘the best in Europe’

PRINCETON, NJ - OCTOBER 13:  Princeton Profess...
Professor Paul Krugman: Image by Getty Images via Daylife

The news from Professor Paul Krugman (who won the 2008 Nobel prize for economics), may bring some comfort for Gordon Brown after a pretty grim few weeks of bad news.

BBC NEWS” “The UK is in the best shape out of all the economies in Europe, according to a leading economist.

Professor Paul Krugman, who won the 2008 Nobel prize for economics, said that the UK’s economic policies had been “pretty good” and called them “intelligent”.

The government also deserved more credit for its policies, he said in an interview with Will Hutton in The Observer newspaper.

His comments come at the end of a week when the pound has risen to its highest level this year.” More

via BBC NEWS | Business | UK’s economy ‘the best in Europe’.

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