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David Miliband: Labour is facing the fight of its life: The Guardian

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We now learn more from David Miliband about last week’s fiasco, frankly, after the reading this one can only feel that, yes, Labour has a mountain to climb but with the leadership Labour has and this includes the Cabinet there is very little to hope for and labour faces a fatal massacre at the next general election. It is also interesting that now that Hazel Blears has had second thoughts about her actions; that there are some in the Labour party blaming her for last week’s election defeats, which goes to show that there are some Labour members who still have not realized the failure of leadership from the leader of the Labour party and the prime minister:

Patrick Wintour and Nicholas Watt in
:”Voters still don’t know what Labour and Gordon Brown stand for, David Miliband admits today, as he reveals how close he came to quitting the government during last week’s turmoil at Westminster.

Speaking to the Guardian at the end of 10 extraordinary days, the foreign secretary says the party’s high command was given an “electric shock” by the disastrous European election results, and he urges fellow ministers to get out and prepare for “the fight of our life”.

But Miliband also concedes that he considered following his close friend and ally James Purnell, who resigned from the government last week and called for the prime minister to stand down…”

via David Miliband: Labour is facing the fight of its life:The Guardian.

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