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Miss California Carrie Prejean Fired!

Whilst we have been concerned with more earthly matters here in the UK, it seems Carrie Prejean hasn’t been doing her duties as Miss California! So Donald Trump has fired her!

Carrie Prejean
Image by vrysxy via Flickr

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — Carrie Prejean has been dethroned as Miss California USA for “contract violations,” including missing scheduled pageant events, according to a state pageant official.

Donald Trump poses with Carrie Prejean in May. Prejean was removed as Miss California USA on Wednesday.

Prejean, 22, retained her title last month despite a controversy over topless photos, missed appearances and her statements against same-sex marriage.

Miss USA pageant owner Donald Trump decided to fire Prejean a month after he gave her a second chance.

“Carrie is a beautiful young woman, and I wish her well as she pursues her other interests,” Trump said.

Runner-up Tami Farrell, who was Miss Malibu, will immediately assume the Miss California USA title, state pageant Executive Director Keith Lewis said.

“This was a decision based solely on contract violations, including Ms. Prejean’s unwillingness to make appearances on behalf of the Miss California USA organization,” he said.

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  1. June 15, 2009 at 19:20

    i suspect that keeping Prejean on the Miss CA payroll was becoming such a PR hassle that pageant officials took the first chance to let her go

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