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Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

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I was rather disgusted yesterday in regard to the morons who booed Gordon Brown at Bayeux Cathedral as he took part in the proceedings in the memory of those who gave their lives in the D-Day landings in WWII. This display of hooligan behaviour took place on foreign soil in view of other overseas leaders. Those who took part in this hooligan activity were doing something unBritish – Gordon Brown is along with Prince Charles representing the country during the remembrance services. Therefore booing him is boing all UK citizens. Gordon Brown should be respected as UK prime minister. If the hooligans booed on British soil fair enough but this should not be done in the circumstances concerning the remembrance of D-Day events and I don’t care who did it – it was wrong.

Now, as we await the announcement of European election results, delayed rather stupidly by the EU authorities, I fear as most observers do that for the Labour party the results may well be catastrophic and once again the chief Tory squealer, Cameron, will be demanding a general election etc. The failure of those in the Cabinet to challenge Gordon Brown and instead accept continued appointments has been disappointing. They have delayed the inevitable.

I don’t doubt Gordon Brown’s sincerity, he is an intelligent and knowledgeable man who has been doggedly determined to hang on and some of the media pressure has been insulting. But he cannot communicate and worst of all he has no agenda, he seems to have no vision.

The Labour party really does need a fresh new leader and it needs to have a clear agenda; it also needs to meet promises made in the manifesto. Failure at the next general election whoever leads the Labour party looks certain but a least a new leader might make the gap between Labour and Tories in the next Parliament less than what it might be under Gordon Brown’s leadership.

David Cameron is a desperate man he knows in time the economy may well recover and this time next year the general election may be fought with economic prosperity returning. So of course he wants a general election now hopefully that will be delayed as long as possible even with a new Labour leader.

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