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James Purnell quits cabinet and calls on Gordon Brown to stand aside now: The Guardian

The Labour party needs a new dynamic leadership, Gordon Brown and his leadership team are failing because of a total lack of purpose, of goals and there is no vision of where Labour should be heading. Change is necessary and urgent if Labour is to survive as a national political party:

James Purnell quits cabinet: The Guardian .

• Minister tells PM to quit and give Labour ‘fighting chance’
• Purnell’s move sparks furious reaction from Number 10
• Rebels say 75 MPs support email calling for new leader

Allegra Stratton and Patrick Wintour
The Guardian,
Friday 5 June 2009

“James Purnell, the work and pensions secretary, last night dealt a ­monumental blow to Gordon Brown’s chances of holding onto office when he dramatically announced he was quitting the cabinet and asking Brown “to stand aside to give Labour a fighting chance of winning the next election”.

His statement, in effect declaring Brown unelectable, will further weaken the prime minister’s waning authority and takes the challenge to his leadership to a dangerous level.

Purnell made his sensational move after polls closed in the local and European elections, informing Brown by phone last night. It prompted a furious reaction in Number 10 with ministers saying Purnell was profoundly mistaken.

Brown had no inkling that Purnell was going to quit, since the work and pensions secretary shrouded his move in secrecy in order to prevent No 10 mounting a pre-emptive strike against him, or seeking to challenge his motives…”

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