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Shamed MEPs take share of £20m ‘farewell’ payout – Times Online

European Union
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I think it is generally well known how corrupt the European Union is, and what is now begging to emerge is the nice little gravy train the European Parliament has become. The most recent surprise being how nicely rewarded are those known to have enjoyed fiddling their expenses add to this those retiring British MEPs 22 of them who will enjoy a fabulous retirement package. The European Parliament is clearly in need of major reform, European citizens must make this European Parliament more accountable and stop such payments being made:

David Brown, Fran Yeoman and David Charter in THE TIMES: “Three politicians accused of misusing public money will receive hundreds of thousands of pounds in pensions and benefits as part of a £20 million payoff for British MEPs who retire this week.

Twenty-two British MEPs — more than a quarter of the total — are stepping down. Each will be paid up to two years’ salary to help them to adjust to their new lives and they will share a £10 million index-linked pension pot.

Seventeen are also members of the European Parliament’s lucrative and controversial second pension scheme, which can provide an additional pension pot of £209,000 for every five-year term served. An eighteenth MEP was a member of the scheme until 2007 and will receive some payment…”

via Shamed MEPs take share of £20m ‘farewell’ payout – Times Online .

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