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Teachers face sack under new classroom licence plan.

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Just as you might think that Labour politicians were beginning to focus on some sort of strategy, no matter how weak, for the next general election, comes this bombshell from Ed Balls.  Just why impose any sort of regular testing on teachers appears to pander to popularism.  The extraordinary thing is that teachers unlike other professions are tested! Every time GCSE and GCE A’ level results are announced that is the real test, how many of their students pass. There is no need to further stress teachers.

Never mind Mr. Balls that’s just another few hundred thousand votes less for Labour – thanks for nothing!

Link below to The Times article:

Teachers face sack under new classroom licence plan – Times Online .

From the BBC NEWS site a video of Mr. Balls making his statement:

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Building Britain’s Future

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Below is a summary from No 10 in regard to the Prime Minister Brown’s statement to the Commons.  Like many I have no doubt that any future Conservative government is the last thing we want, as we know there would be savage cuts in public services budgets: contrary to the myths often peddled by media hacks; the conservatives tend to make a mess of the economy and allow social disintegration – the Conservative party is not fit for government. We don’t want David Cameron as prime minister: the man is a total idiot.

Gordon Brown’s performance in the Commons today is a major improvement on previous occasions.

Gordon Brown’s statement today is very welcome the proposals for constitutional reform and Lords reform are welcome as are measure to encourage sustainable employment and maintaining public services.

A summary of the Prime Minister’s statement from No 10 is below:

Monday 29 June 2009

Building Britain’s Future

Building Britain's FutureThe Prime Minister has published a plan for “Building Britain’s Future” which aims to make Britain a “fairer, stronger and more prosperous society”.

Visit Building Britain’s Future website

Building Britain’s Future – download the pdf

The document outlines the PM’s plan for economic recovery. It also charts the Government’s goals for renewing democracy, modernising national infrastructure and improving schools, hospitals and policing.

Speaking in Parliament today, Gordon Brown said now is the right time to “forge a new economic and constitutional settlement” for the UK.

He said:

“We will not walk away from people in challenging times. We will continue to fight for a fairer prosperity and a responsible society on the basis of our enduring values. This is not a job just for the Government but for the country as a whole.”

In a statement to the House of Commons this afternoon the PM outlined a range of Government commitments:

  • Cleaning up politics by delivering a radical programme of democratic and constitutional reform, including further reform of the House of Lords
  • Economic growth through an active industrial policy, including a £150 million Innovation Fund
  • Affordable housing by targeting investment worth £1.5 billion over two years to deliver 20,000 new affordable homes and create 45,000 jobs in construction and related sectors
  • Young people out of work for a year will have to take on a job, training or work experience
  • More power for patients through enforceable health care entitlements such as hospital treatment within 18 weeks, access to cancer specialists within two weeks and free health-checks for those aged 40-74
  • More power for parents by guaranteeing individually tailored education for all children
  • Local people to have more say on local policing and crime prevention, CCTV and on how offenders pay back the community
  • A low carbon future through energy efficiency and renewable energy plus incentives for low carbon transport.

In the coming months the Government will release plans for other key areas, including transport, infrastructure, financial services, social care, climate change and energy, life sciences and constitutional reform.

Read the Government’s Draft Legislative Programme for the next Parliamentary session.

Iran: Andy and Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora stand by me

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A terrific act of solidarity in Farsi by Bon Jovi to the Iranian people struggling against the Theocracy and state terror:

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Iran: Statement from Mir Hossein Mousavi

June 27, 2009 Leave a comment

A very interesting Statement from Mir Hossein Mousavi in three languages: Persian, English and French:

“Before reading consider the fact that real change comes from within, as you have seen during the last weeks

.قبل از خواندن توجه داشته باشید که در این هفته ها دیدیم که چگونه تغییر واقعی از درون می جوشد

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

هموطنان عزیز

ایرانیان شرافتمند دور از وطن
حضور گسترده و پرشور شما هموطنان در انتخابات 22 خرداد امسال نمایانگر دلبستگی شما عزیزان
به ایران عزیز و دغدغه هاي قابل تحسین شما نسبت به آینده کشورتان است و همانطور که در پیام
انتخاباتی به شما عزیزان اعلام کردم ایران متعلق به همه ایرانیان است و همه آحاد ملت در داخل و
خارج نسبت به آینده آن مسئول و در آن از حقوق یکسان برخوردارند.ا

بر خود فرض میدانم که از حماسه حضور شما در تعیین سرنوشت کشورتان قدردانی نمایم .ا

استقبال گسترده شما عزیزان از این انتخابات و حضور سبز و بانشاطتان در پاي صندوق هاي ر أي
آنچنان وسیع بود که حتی منابع دولتی و برگزار کنندگان انتخابات ر ا وادار نمود که به افزایش
سیصد درصدي مشارکت هموطنان خارج از کشور در انتخابات دهمین دوره ریاست جمهوري
اعتراف نمایند.ا

اعتماد وسیع شما به این خادم کوچک ملت و رأي قاطعتان به اینجانب در اکثریت حوزه هاي رأي
گیري خارج از کشور مسئولیت سنگینی را بر دوش من گذاشته است.مایلم به همه شما اطمینان
دهم به عهدي که با شما عزیزان و تمامی آحاد ملت بزرگ و حماسه ساز کشورمان بسته بودم
پایبند بوده و با استفاده از تمامی راهکارهاي قانونی حقوق حقه شما را، که در صندوق هاي ر أي
متجلی شده بود پیگیري خواهم کرد.ا

متأسفانه چنانچه شما نیز از طریق رسانه هاي بین المللی مشاهده میکنید ، بر خلاف نص صریح
قانون اساسی و آزادي هاي مصرح در جمهوري اسلامی کلیه امکانات ارتباطات من با ملت و از جمله
شما عزیزان قطع شده و اعتراضات مسالمت آمیز مردم سرکوب می شود . رسانه ملی که از بیت
المال کشور اداره میشود با سیاه نمایی مشمئز کننده اي به قلب حقایق پرداخته و راه پیمایی
مسالمت آمیز قریب به سه میلیون نفر در تهران را به اغتشاشگران نسبت میدهد و روزنامه هایی
که از منابع دولتی اداره میشود به بوق و کرناي غاصبان رأي مردم تبدیل شده اند.ا

اینجانب ضمن تشکر مجدد از اعتراضات مسالمت آمیز شما هموطنان خارج از کشور که انعکاس
وسیعی در جهان داشت از شما میخواهم که با استفاده از کلیه راهکارهاي قانونی و وفاداري به نظام
مقدس جمهوري اسلامی، صداي اعتراض خود را در تقلب گسترده انتخابات به گوش مسئولین
کشور برسانید. من کاملاً بر این نکته واقفم که خواسته مشروع و برحق شما هیچ ارتباطی با فعالیت
گروههایی که معتقد به نظام مقدس جمهوري اسلامی ایران نیستند، ندارد. بر شماست که صفوف
خود را از آنان جدا کرده و اجازه سوء استفاده از موقعیت کنونی را به آنان ندهید.ا

میرحسین موسوي

In the Name of the God, The Compassionate, The Merciful

Dear compatriots,
Honorable Iranians living abroad,

Your widespread and energetic presence in this year’s 22 Khordad elections is indicative of your ties to our beloved Iran, and your admirable worries about the future of your country, and as I mentioned to you in my election message, Iran belongs to all Iranians and all layers of the populous are responsible for its future, and enjoy the same rights in it.

I feel obliged to thank you for your epic presence in determining the future of your country. Your widespread welcoming of these elections and your green and energetic presence at the ballot boxes was so large that it even forced the government and the organizers of the elections to admit to a 300% increase in the participation of Iranians in the tenth presidential elections outside of the country.

Your trust in this insignificant civil servant and your decisive vote for me in most of the voting stations outside of the country has placed a heavy burden on my shoulders. I would like to give you my assurance that I remain true to my existing pact with you and all layers of the great people of Iran, and using all legal avenues will demand your deserved rights that have been violated at the ballot boxes.

Unfortunately, as you witness in the international media, contrary to the letter of the constitution, and the stated freedoms in the Islamic Republic, all my communication with the people and you has been cut off, and people’s peaceful objections are being crushed. The national media which is being financed with public funds, with a revolting misrepresentation is changing the truth, and labels the peaceful march of close to three million people as anarchist, and the media that are being controlled by the government have become the mouthpiece of those who have stolen the people’s votes.

I’d like to thank you again for your peaceful objections which have received widespread coverage across the world, and would like to ask you that by using all legal channels, and by remaining faithful to the sacred system of the Islamic Republic, to make sure that your objections are heard by the authorities in the country. I am fully aware that your justified demands have nothing to do with groups who do not believe in the sacred Islamic Republic of Iran’s system. It is up to you to distance yourself from them, and do not allow them to misuse the current situation.

Mir Hossein Mousavi

Avant de lire, considérez que le changement réél vient de l’interieur, comme vous avez pu le voir pendant les dernières semaines.

Message Officiel de Mir Hossein Moussavi aux iraniens expatriés
Au nom du Dieu, le Clément, le Miséricordieux,

Chers compatriotes,
Honorables iraniens expatriés,

Votre étendue et énergique participation aux élections du 22 Khordad de cette année montre vos liens avec notre bienaimé Iran, et vos craintes admirables au sujet du futur de votre pays, et comme je l’ai précisé dans mon message lors des élections, l’Iran appartient à tous les Iraniens, et toutes les couches de la société sont responsables de son avenir, et jouissent des mêmes droits en son sein.
Je me sens obligé de vous remercier pour votre mémorable implication dans le choix de l’avenir de votre pays. L’ accueil universel que vous avez réservé à ces élections et votre verte et énergique participation aux urnes a été si importante qu’il même forcé le gouvernement et les organisateurs des élections à admettre une croissance de 300% de la participation des Iraniens expatriés dans la dixième élection présidentielle.

Votre confiance envers cet insignifiant servant du peuple et votre vote décisif pour moi dans la plupart des bureaux de votre installés à l’étranger a placé une lourde charge sur mes épaules. Je voudrais vous assurer que je reste fidèle au pacte qui me lie à vous et à toutes les composantes du rand peuple d’Iran, et usant de tous les dispositions légales, je défendrai vos légitimes droits qui ont été bafoués dans les urnes.

Malheureusement, comme vous en l’avez vu dans les média internationaux, en contradiction avec les textes constitutionnels, et des libertés fondamentales de la République Islamique, toutes mes communications avec le peuple et avec vous ont été coupées, et les protestations pacifiques du peuple ont été écrasées. Le média national, qui sont financés par les fonds publics, change la vérité avec une révoltante déformation, et désignent la marche pacifique de près de trois millions de personnes comment anarchique ; les média contrôlés par le gouvernement sont devenus le porte-voix de ceux qui ont volés le vote populaire.

Je voudrais encore une fois vous remercier pour votre protestation pacifique qui a reçu une couverture internationale, et voudrais vous demander qu’en utilisant toutes les voix légales, et en restant fidèles au système sacré de la république Islamique, de vous assurer que votre protestation soient entendus des autorités nationales. Je suis parfaitement conscient que vos demandes légitimes n’ont aucun rapport avec les groupes qui ne croient pas au système sacré de la République Islamique d’Iran. C’est à vous de prendre vos distances avec eux, et de les empêcher de profiter de la situation présente.”

Mir Hossein Moussavi

Special thanks for the Translation:

Obama praise for Iran’s Mousavi

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TEHRAN, IRAN - JUNE 12:  Former Iranian Prime ...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

US President Barak Obama has now praised the courage of Mir Hossein Mousavi in opposing the electoral fraud in Iran.  Given the insanity in Iranian government circles one can’t be sure what is going to happen next. There is now horrific repression, people are being tortured , beaten and murdered by state security thugs.  Iran is ruled by what looks like a nasty fascist clique which cares little for the fate of the people.  State paranoia has reached new levels of insanity:

BBC NEWS: “US President Barack Obama has praised the opposition candidate in Iran’s disputed presidential election.

Mr Obama said Mir Hossein Mousavi had captured the imagination of groups in Iran that were interested in opening up to the world.

He spoke of the bravery of protesters in the face of “outrageous” violence.

Mr Obama’s comments came hours after foreign ministers from the G8 nations issued a statement “deploring” the post-election violence in Iran…”more

via BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Obama praise for Iran’s Mousavi.

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The War of the Ayatollahs – Tehran Bureau

June 26, 2009 Leave a comment

ayatollahsimage By HANA H. in Tehran | 25 June 2009

A very interesting update and perspective on the struggle between opposing ayatollahs over the current  ongoing protests:

[TEHRAN BUREAU] “The fact that there is a war going on between “two senior revolutionary clerics” is not a big secret. The cat was out of the bag when right after one of the election debates one of the two bunched up his robes and headed to Qom to lobby the ayatollahs there.While no one really knows what happened in Qom, there has been speculation that cleric #2 has tried to unseat cleric #1 and for this, he desperately needs the support of the god squad.Rumor has it that #2 has approached one of the top sources of emulation in the Shia world to allegedly garner support for his cause, which does not seem all that clear as he has not officially taken a stance on it.One privilege of being in the same profession is that one usually knows all there is to know about others moving in the same circles and when at war, this information can be used as leverage as this is what appeared to have happened last Friday.Cleric #1 addressed the nation, issued threats and offered incentives. Mysteriously hinted at the things he knew and would tell all if things did not quiet down. Dangled the good old carrot and brought down the stick. His words however appear to have fallen on deaf ears.This Friday cleric #2, who has so far kept silent in appearance and not flinched even after his family members were arrested to perhaps get a reaction out of him, was the person who was supposed to take the pulpit…”more

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Jailed Iran reformists ‘tortured to confess foreign plot’

June 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Yet more distressing news from Iran as the repression tightens and the regime’s torturers get busy on the imprisoned protesters. One day these perpetrators of torture will be brought to justice just as the former Shah’s torturers were dealt with.

Robert Tait in THE GUARDIAN: “Jailed Iranian reformists are believed to have been tortured in an attempt to force them into TV “confessions” of a foreign-led plot against the Islamic regime.

According to Iranian websites, the “confessions” are aimed at implicating Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, the defeated reformist candidates in this month’s presidential poll, in an alleged conspiracy.

Mostafa Tajzadeh, Abdollah Ramezanzadeh and Mohsen Aminzadeh, all Mousavi supporters, are reported to have undergone “intensive interrogation” sessions in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison since being arrested in a mass round-up of opposition figures following Mahmoud Ahmadinejad‘s disputed re-election.

The three, who all served in the government of the former reformist president, Mohammad Khatami, are among several hundred activists, academics, journalists and students detained in a crackdown coinciding with the brutal suppression of street protesters who believe the election was stolen.

Fellow prisoners are reported to have heard screams of pain from Tajzadeh, a former deputy interior minister, and Ramezanzadeh, who was Khatami’s government spokesman, during interrogations at Evin’s section 209, which is reserved for political prisoners and run by the hardline intelligence ministry…”more

Jailed Iran reformists ‘tortured to confess foreign plot’ World

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