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The Lunacy of an early General Election.

David Cameron’s constant squealing for an early General Election is total madness. It would mean that the prospect of Parliamentary reform and electoral reform would be killed stone dead. It would also mean a good many miscreant MPs, being in safe seats, would just be re-elected to continue dipping into the public purse and cover up their misdemeanors. An early General Election is not the answer. Cameron’s still politically immature in proposing stunts.

The best way forward is Nick Clegg’s proposal that Parliament should continue to sit and hammer out electoral and Parliamentary reform Forget the long summer holiday.

Gordon Brown’s proposals announced this morning on Andrew Marr’s TV programme, remain vague, his idea for a yet another private committee of ministers to hammer out a constitution bill is a narrow and blind alley and any manifesto commitments would not be worth the paper they are written on, Labour manifestos are worthless, Labour voters cannot trust Labour manifestos.

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