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No guv! I only followed the rules! It was all a mistake!

The responses of MPs involved in the expenses scandal leaves one in amazement. Often these people claim they claimed only what was allowed or followed the rules; the Fees Office approved; I made a mistake it was all an error I’ll pay it back!

It is right that MPs be brought to account for trivial expense claims, for flipping, for receiving payments for phantom mortgages.  In respect of phantom mortgages there is no excuse, there can be no excuse. This category should certainly face immediate dismissal from Parliament.

It is noticeable that there is now some sort of bleeding hearts brigade that feels MPs are facing mob rule! That we should now forgive and forget; then there are those that suggest blaming the media for focusing attention on the scandal.

It seems the message hasn’t got through that quite a number of MPs have knowingly acted outside the spirit of the rules and have made claims that don’t face up to scrutiny.

Those MPs,  who have acted immorally should lose their seats now and by elections should be held.

Attention should also focus on the Fees Office and why they so willingly allowed dubious claims!

Sir Christopher Kelly’s Committee for Standards in Public Life should reach its conclusions fast. The long Parliamentary holiday should be curtailed and members should meet, as NickClegg suggested and hammer out electoral and Parliamentary reform. The next general election should be based on proportional representation, the STV system should be adopted.

This crisis is a great opportunity to enrich our democracy bring the process of democracy closer to the people and proportional representation would do that.

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