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European Elections I don’t know who to vote for?

Three weeks ago I assumed I would vote Labour as usual.  But as recent events have unfolded I feel Labour doesn’t deserve my loyal vote.  The leadership of  Gordon Brown as far as I am concerned is a failure.  He has defended the doubtful, especially those in the Cabinet, those MPs involved in dubious expenses claims are getting away with it and have used feeble excuses.  We also know that the European Union is riddled with corrupt practices, the European Parliament likewise.  MEPs expenses claims makes the MPs expenses issue look cheap.  Likewise, I don’t know what the Labour party stands for anymore, it has no vision, no goals, no leadership!

Perhaps No2Eu I might consider, but even TU leaders think they have a job for life. But then I want thorough electoral reform and only the Lib Dems agenda for reform fits my view but they are too pro EU, so what the heck do I do?

The decision was made, I voted Lib. Dem. candidates for County & European Parliament. Throughout my life I have voted Labour but I am so disgusted with the poor leadership of the Labour party and the attitude of many Labour MPs for misusing public funds.

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