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BNP activists are “full of hate” says former candidate.

Chris Brennan was a former BNP activist and he decided to leave the BNP and expose its members for what they are – thugs and scum. His powerful  statement is below:

A former British National Party election candidate has confirmed that BNP activists are full of hate for Jews and black people. Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, constantly claims that the BNP does not hate non-white people but merely wants them to leave Britain, and that the party is not antisemitic. However party activists are just plain racists, according to Chris Brennan, who also says they hate each other.

Brennan’s full statement, which appeared on the Three Counties Unity blog, is below.

“My name is Chris Brennan and I had the misfortune to be a candidate for the British National Party in the 2007 Luton elections. I joined another racist group, the National Front, when I was just out of school – down on my luck and without too many prospects. I joined the BNP after a couple of years in the NF running around with people that were little more than criminals and bootboys.

“At first the BNP appeared friendly and offered some simple answers to things that were frustrating me at the time. As I got drawn further in however, it became clear to me that their activists were full of hate – for Jews and black people as well as for each other.

“When I stood as a candidate I felt I was left all by myself – a young lad – without any support from the older men who were pulling the strings from way off in Milton Keynes. The last straw was when another party member assaulted me in the street – from that point on I decided to make a break. Since then I have made a new career for myself in a new part of the country. Whereas I still have questions about immigration, my views have changed seeing that I have got to know people from all sorts of backgrounds.

“My simple message to you is not to trust any leaflet or candidate from the BNP that might land on your doorstep. Behind the gloss lies a message of fear put around by men who have no answers for the issues of Luton today.”

credit: HOPE not hate / Searchlight on: Wednesday, 27 May 2009

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