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Calls for an early general election are foolish.

Just now we hear that Archbishops Canterbury and York feel that the public flogging of miscreant MPs in regard to dodgy expenses claims is a little cruel! I place York as one of the best, Sentamu is a hero of mine who really ought to replace the tired Williams and be appointed to Canterbury. On this occasion they are both wrong; we live in a democracy, certain MPs, the guilty, held up access to data and tried to pose the Data Protection Act in opposition to the Freedom of Information Act. They simply did not want the public to know about their greasy fingers dipping into the public purse.

It seems though that David Cameron is now demanding a general election, he is of course being populist, media houses are also calling for an election and of course opinion polls are thrust forward to reinforce this demand.

Yet, realistically, how can we have an election when the cleansing of Parliament has hardly begun and the likelihood is that many of the miscreant MPs would be standing for election and because there are a number of safe seats they may well return to continue dipping into the public purse.

In addition we have not yet a full picture of how many MPs have abused the expenses available to them.

There perhaps needs to be a contract of employment with basic duties and responsibilities written down; perhaps an increase in pay to a minimum of £100,000 per annum and no expenses unless on legitimate government business. No MP within the South East region should have a second home allowance as they benefit from good transport infrastructure. Second home allowances could be reduced by Parliament providing accommodation or claiming properties already paid for by taxpayers. Many MPs are just social workers, there is no reason why some of this casework could not be done locally by councillors.

We must allow Parliament time to put things in order, party leaders need to ensure that those who are deemed guilty of bad behaviour to face re-selection. Mature politicians will not be calling for a general election yet, perhaps October but not now, there is too much to be done.

In the meantime let the public flogging of MPs continue.

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