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Union Candidates for Parliament?

Historically of course before the formation of the Labour Party there were Union candidates elected to parliament as Liberals. Come the Labour Party and candidates backed by trade unions as candidates were the norm.  Mark Serwotka of the Public and Commercial Services Union puts forward the idea that trade unions should now offer candidates to the electorate from unions.  Well it’s an idea could give it a try couldn’t be any worse than what we have now, my reservation is simply that trade unions can be far from progressive organizations; their leaders historically act to rescue Labour leaders at Labour conferences doing deals.  Trade union leaders tend in that way to be a brake on progressive reform but still maybe I’m just being cynical. The radio broadcast reference is below perhaps later the audio piece will be available:

BBC Radio 4 Today programme: 07:09am: “Mark Serwotka, of the Public and Commercial Services Union, discusses his claim that the current government is “morally bankrupt” and if union candidates should be put forward in future general elections…”

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