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Esther won’t clean up Westminster by David Aaronovitch: The Times.

David Aaronvitch has writen a thought provoking article, in The Times: well David Aaaronovitch’s articles usually are good, he doesn’t see independent MPs succeeding in any drive to clean up Parliament. He blames the general apathy of the British people which seems strangely disinterested even during the worst of times. He has a point, a good one, but I think we should all try to be positive about this crisis.

I believe it presents a great opportunity for major Parliamentary reform. The argument for proportional representation is powerful and should be on the agenda for change. The upper house, the House of Lords should be abolished and in its place an elected 100 seat Senate based on proportional representation; it should be set up representing the four nations of the UK. The House of Commons should be reformed to remove the representation of Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland MPs, they have their own assemblies and it seems nonsense to continue in the old way. I believe this crisis is an opportunity to reach out to people and convince them that politics matters and Parliamentary and electoral reforms would help to convince them.

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