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A Good Day for Democracy.

That at long last Speaker Martin got the message that as someone who had blocked reform; hindered access to Freedom of information and dipped into the public purse – he had to go!

People who claim he is a scapegoat don’t understand what this crisis is about. His resignation should be followed by those MPs who are the worst cases of abuse. There needs to be a police inquiry into the Fees Office and those MPs who have abused the allowance system followed by criminal charges.

This is a good day for democracy because now there is an opportunity to make Parliament more representative of the people. There should really be a constitutional conference so that ideas could be thrashed out. The danger is that the party machines will move to hinder reform and salvage what they can of the existing structure of Parliament.

The general public ought to be aware that these are momentous events that could lead to improving our democracy.

  1. Tio
    May 19, 2009 at 21:43

    This is simply a cover up to try to whitewash parliament so all the mps come out smelling of roses. Until all these people are removed from parliament and we, the people, take the momentum to build our own democracy, brick by brick from below we will never have a true democracy.

    Ed: vulgar language is not acceptable on this site and therefore the vulgar language in this comment has been removed.

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