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Labour Party funding: Top donors turn against Labour over MPs’ expenses: The Observer.

Bad news has troubled the Labour Party for weeks now; clearly the Labour Party is in a terrible mess. Gordon Brown’s poor leadership set the scene for the expenses saga that we are now witnessing. It is really difficult to see any role for Gordon Brown after June 4th. The Labour Party is in desperate need of new, fresh, dynamic leaders with a purpose and a vision, untainted by the failures of this parliamentary session. No one in the Cabinet is suitable for the leadership of the Labour Party, the acquiescence of Cabinet ministers in bad policy decisions; pitiful defence of wrong doing and silence during this crisis are not the sort of people fit to lead Labour.

The general public will find it hard to accept people who said nothing
and fiddled while events spun out of control. Labour MPs who have done wrong should be investigated by the police and if they have done wrong expelled from the Party and parliament. Likewise, those responsible in the Fees office in Parliament are not beyond question.

The Observer:Labour’s most generous donors are to withdraw financial support worth millions of pounds and have called for the arrest of the party’s errant MPs in the wake of disastrous revelations about parliamentary expenses.

The disclosure is a further body blow to Gordon Brown’s advisers after 10 days of damaging disclosures. Yesterday a second Labour backbencher, David Chaytor, was suspended from the party whip after admitting he claimed £13,000 for a mortgage he had already paid off, while a senior minister predicted that sitting MPs would be deselected in a purge of parliament.

A poll published today on the website PoliticsHome.com, and previewed exclusively by the Observer, shows that the scandal has driven more than a quarter of voters to change the party they support. The main beneficiary is Ukip, followed by the British National Party and the Greens…”

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