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Dangerous Times for UK Democracy.

There is a very uncomfortable scenario at this moment in time.  The impact of the recession with rising unemployment;  the financial crisis caused by the banks rescued by taxpayers hard earned cash; the utter disrespect shown to the parliamentary system by members of parliament who have taken the opportunity to milk public funds for trivial expense claims; the growing total dissillusion of the political parties which affects the Labour Party the most; the growth of cynicism about politics.   Then we have to consider the threat from ultra right in the form of the BNP – booted, crazies, nutters who would tear this country apart.  Then there is UKIP which tends to be the respectable face of the right, though even it has had its problems and its anti-immigration stance places it outside the pale. Strangely, there is no threat from the ultra left which since the fall of communism in eastern Europe has been neutralized.

In one sense democracy in the UK is as strong as ever as the general public learns of the irresponsibility of the politicians.  There is a sense things must change and that we cannot go on in the old way. Nick Clegg wishes to introduce a written constitution with the powers of the right of recall if constituents lose the confidence of their voters.  Perhaps that is the route we should choose. A fundamental reform of our democracy: proportional representation; reduction in the number of MPs, perhaps ending the sitting of Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh MPs at Westminster  with perhaps a proper federal adjustment and the abolishing of the House of Lords in favour of a second elected chamber.

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