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India: Congress Party hails poll victory: BBC News.

India has decided for the Congress Party to govern:

BBC NEWS: “The leaders of India’s Congress party have thanked the people for returning them to power with a “massive mandate”.
Congress President Sonia Gandhi said that they had made the “right choice” and PM Manmohan Singh vowed the party would “rise to the occasion”.
Earlier the main opposition BJP and the Third Front conceded they had lost.
State television says Congress’s alliance has won or is ahead in 263 seats, compared with the BJP’s (154), the Third Front (60) and others (66).

Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley said: “We accept this verdict.” The Third Front has also conceded the election.

State television says that Congress has won or is ahead in 260 seats, compared with the BJP (161) the Third Front (58) and others (64)…”

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James Clappison claims £100,000 but owns 24 houses: MPs’ expenses: The Telegraph.

James Clappison Tory MP for Hertsmere owner of 24 houses, a main home in Leeds and a second home in in London Colney, probably less than an hour by train to Westminster.

James Clappison, a work and pensions spokesman, used taxpayers’ money to buy petunias, geraniums and busy lizzies for his “second home”, part of a property portfolio that includes a farm and a cricket club. So he’s not short of a penny or two but apparently finds the public purse quite handy.  So why isn’t it this guy hasn’t been publicly interrogated and grilled on Sky TV News and BBC News 24?

OK David Cameron how about sacking this shadow minister, if you don’t we can assume you are being populist and insincere?

THE TELEGRAPH: “Mr Clappison, the MP for Hertsmere, claimed the expenses for a semi-detached house worth about £375,000 in St Albans, Herts, where he lives with his wife Helen. He also spends time at a house in Leeds, which is worth about £360,000 and is registered to his wife. Neither property is mortgaged.

As well as his homes, he rents out 22 houses in North Humberside, five of which are registered jointly with his wife.
The properties are spread around the villages of Withernsea and Patrington, where Mr Clappison owns a farm and 75 acres of surrounding land inherited from his father, who was a farmer…”