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Parliament’s failures.

It is apparent that a great many people have been angered by the shenanigans of members of parliament and their abuse of allowances for their own benefit. Far too many MPs have been found to have been guilty of dipping into the public purse. Almost every MP found to have been in the abuse of allowances claims upon being found out it was a mistake, an error. A claim ceases to be a mistake once the signature on a claim form for expenses and even more so when the money is credited to their bank account. The circumstances are such that a police investigation is needed and charges brought into the claims made by MPs deemed the worst cases.

What we have is a new class of MPs that are using the House of Commons as a nice little earner. It is for the political parties concerned to clean up their act.

The Labour party leadership has been astonishingly tardy and reluctant to act to deal with members of the Parliamentary Labour Party who have been abusing the allowances available. I don’t care how nice a guy is, but accepting alleged payments for a mortgage long paid is tantamount to fraud the member should have been expelled from the House and police called upon to investigate. Likewise a married couple as MPs alleged claiming nicely for second homes so that there is no main home is tantamount to fraud and police investigations should be called for.

So many members of parliament have been involved in milking allowances; they have subverted the decency of the house; they sowed the seeds of anti-parliamentarianism; they have brought the House into disrepute.

The public expects to see justice being done and prosecutions for fraud urgently need to be made.

One wonders what surprises there may be in regard to members of the House of Lords and to how many of them abuse expenses etc.

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