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MPs’ Expenses & Saying Sorry.

David Cameron has been consistent in expressing his apologies for Tory MPs who have in the past dipped into the public purse for expense claims for questionable items. Cynics like me would describe actions this as populism but and a big but it shows Cameron has made the most of an opportune moment, it is leadership, a smart move. He has publicly ensured that his Tory MPs who have misbehaved will return the monies they claimed to the public purse.

In contrast Gordon Brown is as ever a big let down; his failing being able to show leadership, to seize the initiative; failing to bring those members in the Parliamentary Labour Party publicly to account for questionable claims. Somehow the message to act never seems to get to his ears; we can blame his advisors or we can blame Gordon Brown. His apology, yesterday, on behalf of Parliament – all MPs was typical as it avoided any criticism directly of Labour MPs. The Labour party should be about honesty and integrity, plain dealing, frankly, the Parliamentary Labour Party has learnt nothing it continues to drive a wedge between it and the electorate – that fourth term looks even more like a dream – possibly a nightmare – as the party continues to hemorrhage members and supporters.

The scenario is akin to that of the Titanic with the exception that we can see the iceberg ahead and the captain, Gordon Brown looks as always in the wrong direction. When will Gordon Brown ever learn?

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