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MPs’ expenses: Gordon Brown apologises ‘on behalf of all parties’: The Guardian.

So now “Gordon Brown apologizes, bit late, but then the crisis in the Parliamentary Labour Party and the fact many Labour MPs have abused the “allowances” or expenses indicates a total lack of leadership on his part to ensure that the PLP was clean of corrupt practices. The public is I suspect tired of weak excuses and it is clear that a number of expense claims were ambiguous and possibly fraudulent, these MPs should be investigated and suspended.

I would suggest a block of council flats, preferably somewhere in Hackney or Peckham, clearly an estate suffering from social problems, be purchased and converted into one bedroom flats for MPs outside Greater London for accommodation purposes. A room could be provided rent free for each member, with furniture bought from Argos, as cheap as possible. That should go some way to resolving the need for accommodation for MPs needing a “second home”.

Nicholas Watt, Andrew Sparrow and Allegra Stratton, THE GUARDIAN:

” Gordon Brown today apologised on behalf of all politicians for the public outrage over revelations about MPs’ expenses.

Taking his cue from David Cameron, who delivered a blanket apology of his own yesterday, the prime minister said that he wanted to show that “people who enter our profession are there to serve the public interest, not serve themselves.”

Politicians from all parties are appalled by the damage that the stories about expense claims have done to the reputation of politics and parliament. The revelations show that some MPs, while acting within the rules, have apparently been able to use the system for personal gain and not just to cover their costs…”

  1. UK Voter
    May 11, 2009 at 17:37

    In my view this is not about party politics. Instead, it is about so called ‘honourable’ members that have routinely ‘worked the system’ to maximum advantage and those that chose not to…..but, and this is crucial, failed to hold the ‘others’ to account. In other words, they are all tarnished by this sordid affair, conpempt for the electorate and misuse of public funds.

    Ed: external link removed in accordance with Comments Policy.

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