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Gordon Brown must go – by June 5: Polly Toynbee.

Polly Toynbee has written a good article for Comment is Free in The Guardian today, pressing for a revolt in the Labour party to remove Gordon Brown as leader. Gordon Brown despite his intellect, despite his strong commitment has clearly failed as leader of the Labour party. This current MPs’ expenses crisis is a failure to insist his Parliamentary Labour Party members should ensure honesty and integrity. The stunning problem with the leadership of Gordon Brown is that there is no vision, no purpose and no real leadership. Considering he was working to inherit the prime ministership he has failed to use it wisely. So many errors, so many mistakes. How long must this torture go on.

POLLY TOYNBEE: “Politics tests character, often to destruction. The character of some ministers, their shadows and MPs of all parties has been wrecked by ­exposure of their expenses. How can those caught pilfering from the public purse denounce benefit fraud? How can those with state-purchased silk cushions support the cash-limited social fund that denies beds and blankets to families sleeping on bare boards? MPs with fingers in the till will blush to justify paying the unemployed £60.50 a week to live on. Nor can they rant convincingly at City greed or tax-dodgers fleeing to Guernsey…”

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