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A Sunday Morning Letter: Hope Not Hate Blog..

The Hope Not Hate Blog carries an interesting article by Nick Lowles outlining his concerns that the BNP threat was not treated seriously relating to a story in The Observer last week.

NICK LOWLES, HOPE NOT HATE: "I’ve become increasingly concerned with the lack of scrutiny some elements of the press are giving the BNP. Following an article in The Observer last week I sent in a letter, which has been printed but in a shortened form. Here is the full version:

“Having read your article last week on the BNP I learnt a lot about the failings of the Labour and Conservative parties, but surprisingly little about the failings of the BNP themselves.

Damien Macbride’s e-mails got a mention. But not e-mails from BNP Deputy Leader describing the Arch Bishop of York as an “ambitious African”, and an “anti-British zealot”.

Gordon Brown’s statement about “British Jobs For British Workers”, got its usual airing. But for some reason Nick Griffin’s statement that “Black Britons Can’t Be British”, wasn’t worthy of comment.

Your editorial pointed out rightly, that in the digital age the BNP cannot be defeated by simply attempting to deny them the oxygen of publicity. But nor can they be confronted by profiles which completely fail to address who the BNP are, what they believe in, and, crucially, how the mask of moderation they have donned in the run up to June’s election is already melting away.

A few cosy pints down the Ace of Diamonds, listening to “We are the champions”, with a couple of BNP activists isn’t an adequate way of scrutinising a Party whose unique cocktail of prejudice, division and hate threaten us all.”

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